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Bilde av industriparken

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two persons playing table tennis, one person is cheering on

Herøya Research Park will be "new", floor by floor, and the tenants are excited.

Thursday 03 September 2020

four persons dressed in yellow and blue working clothes standing in grey concrete production hall

REEtec starts producing rare earths with raw materials extracted from Yara's production flows in the complete fertilizer factory at Herøya.

Thursday 20 August 2020

Birds eye photo showing the area for new factory

Elkem announces that they’ve chosen Herøya Industrial Park, located in Porsgrunn, Norway, as the site for a potential large-scale plant for battery graphite production in Norway. 

Wednesday 19 August 2020

To menn står oppreist inne i et rør

In a production hall at Herøya, three men from Pipelife are in full swing producing 12 pipe parts that complement the pipe system the company will deliver.

Monday 17 August 2020

Welcome to Herøya Industrial Park

Are you on the lookout for a suitable place to establish industrial or commercial operations?

Establishing your business at Herøya Industrial Park could set you on your way to success.

Pilot Arena Herøya Industrial Park

Helps you test and develope your ideas.

The companies in the industrial park

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