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Summer temp workers get ready with HSE training and certificates for the job at Eramet

Summer temps are ready for work at Eramet at Herøya, Porsgrunn. But first, they receive HSE training and the necessary certificates needed to perform a good and safe job.
Group of people. Large group of summer workers organized as a school photo in two lines, all dressed in yellow and blue work clothes and white helmets. Outside the entrance gate to the factory premises. Summer Temp Workers Ready for Assignments at Eramet. Here at the first HSE gathering with employees from Eramet and Bilfinger. Back from left: Lene Tofsland, Audun Steen, Jørgen Skifjeld Jensen, Mathias Daapan, Jarle Pedersen, Espen Rasmussen, Frank Sandelin, Sindre Freng, and Ole Ingebretsen. Front from left: Jeanine Winther Christensen, Joachim Rugstad, Leoni Westgård, Nicholas Westgård, Martine Evensen, Ada Caroline Solvi and Bodil Eik-Nes. Photo by Ole Bjørn Ulsnæs.

Summer is the peak season for Bilfinger, which helps industrial companies in Herøya find summer temps every year. Around fifty young summer temps are on their way to companies such as Yara, Ineos, Eramet, and more.

Commencing with training

Thirteen summer temps recently gathered for their first meeting at Eramet.

"We begin by providing training," says production manager Jarle Pedersen at Eramet.

portrait of man, short beard, goggles, white helmet and yellow buttened jacket, outside factory area.
Jarle Pedersen, production manager at Eramet. Photo: Ole Bjørn Ulsnæs.

"We are focused on ensuring that the summer temps are capable of performing their tasks in a good and safe manner. We have a particular focus on HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment). Additionally, we train and assist the summer temps in obtaining the necessary certificates, including overhead crane operation, which we require here."

Strong emphasis on HSE is commendable

Eramet has thirteen summer temps, with four of them being completely new.

portrait of woman, goggles, white helmet, yellow and blue jacket, standing outside industrial fencing.
Quality Assurance: Jeanine Winther at Bilfinger is proud of the work her colleagues Sindre Freng and Lene Tofsland do in finding and ensuring the suitability of candidates for the jobs. Photo: Ole Bjørn Ulsnæs.

"What Eramet is particularly good at is, of course, placing a strong emphasis on HSE training. However, they also provide around 10 training shifts to summer temps before they go out and work independently on a shift," says Jeanine Winther from Bilfinger. She also praises several other industrial companies that excel in training summer temps.

More return each year

"Many summer temps come back, and we also have some newcomers every year," says Lene Tofsland from Bilfinger.

portrait of woman, blond hair, goggles, white helmet, yellow and blue helmet, outside factory area.
Lene Tofsland, Bilfinger. Photo: Ole Bjørn Ulsnæs.

"Due to challenges in recruiting enough summer temps with overhead crane certificates this year, Eramet has chosen to ensure that they acquire this competency. We have had two individuals who have completed the theory; they will receive training in operating the crane at Eramet and obtain the certificate beforehand," says Lene Tofsland.


summer temps in meeting room, sitting in a horse shoe formation
First HSE Day: This year's 13 summer temps, including four newcomers, gathered for their first joint HSE Day at Eramet. Photo: Ole Bjørn Ulsnæs.


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