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Herøya Industripark is pushing for Norway to become a leader in local 5G networks

The Norwegian Communications Authority, Nkom, gives industry, business and broadband players access to 5G frequencies for their own mobile networks in a geographically limited area. And Herøya Industripark AS has been a strong driving force.
portrait of man in light blue shirt Sverre Gotaas, CEO Herøya Industripark AS. Photo: Tom Riis/Herøya Industripark AS

There has long been a strong desire from industry and business to gain access to their own 5G networks, and Nkom hopes through this arrangement to promote innovation and Norwegian industry.

From 1 January 2023, interested players can apply for both frequency and number resources locally, says Nkom in a (Norwegian) press release.

Piloting completed

"Norwegian businesses were among the first in Europe to get the opportunity earlier this year to test and develop innovative and sustainable 5G solutions in local networks," explains senior engineer and project manager at Nkom, Lars Rypestøl.

Equinor, Herøya Industripark, NTNU, Telia and Telenor are examples of companies that in 2022 are testing their own local 5G networks.

Herøya Industripark has been a strong driving force

One of the foremost in the field is Herøya Industripark, which has been a strong driver for industry to gain access to local 5G networks. After they were awarded a test frequency earlier this year, they have established their own 5G lab which gives businesses the opportunity to explore the possibilities of the future in practice.

"So far we have experienced that there is great interest in using 5G in industry, and we are very pleased that Nkom is now launching its own frequency range dedicated to this," says Sverre Gotaas, director of Herøya Industripark AS.

Going forward, Herøya Industripark will carry out detailed testing of the frequency range.


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