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man wearing military uniform, leaning to a military vehicle, posing, sivil traffic in background
The Defence exercises at Herøya
two men, wearing PPE, one is gesticulating while talking, posing, standing in a hydrogen plant. Opening ceremony.
Prime minister opens Yara's hydrogen plant
portrait of woman, posing, white helmet, yellow and blue jacket, long blond hair, goggles. She is standing in a street in an industrial park. Decorated concrete wall behind her.
Yara continues its success with summer interns
two men pose and stand by a yellow railing, protective equipment, below is a pumping station, large raw water pumps, blue signs on each pump.
Sustainable gain through partnership
three persons, posing, standing close together, wearing PPE, back against the industrial park
Organising HES Day Tuesday 23rd April
two men next to eachother, posing, yellow jackets, white helmets, in a street in an industry area, green trees and an indstrial building in background
Helicopter operations in April
three men posing, wearing PPE, standing close to big bags of products, all smiling.
Winter boosts Addcon to record turnover
Two men are crouching by a manhole in the street, the manhole cover is next to them. One man is holding a crowbar that the manhole cover is opened with, the other is using a camera down into the manhole and taking a picture.
Ensuring sustainable water resource management
man and woman, portrait, posing, PPE, parking space in background
Weekly exercises in April and May
two men sitting at a table, valve in front of them
Substantial increase in assignments requires more personnel
big group of colleagues standing and sitting in sofa and chairs in an office environment.
Yara's digital hub relocation fuels innovation
Plan to build the largest commercial test facility for hydrogen and ammonia
office environment, four persons, posing, standing and sitting by a high table. Fruit on the table, green moss on the wall behind. Furniture in background.
Yara has entered into the most stylish office spaces in the area
Portrait of a man wearing yellow jacket and a white helmet, industrial park below in background.
A good 2023, but challenges with energy
four people walking towards photographer, in a glass covered corridor/tunell, day light, research park.
It is possible to reduce CO2 emissions by an additional 1 million tonnes