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Seidr - a new location at Herøya

Seidr is a new place at Herøya for industrial innovation and technology. Here is where the future of industrial Norway will be created.

We are building a new place for industrial innovation and technology. Here, we gather all expertise from the research park, the piloting facilities and others who are already at Herøya under the same roof.

In Seidr, you get access to researchers, technologists and testing opportunities in new ways. We will make the power of innovation available. 

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Seeking companies to join Seidr: The core team in Seidr Herøya is seeking companies that want to create new energy solutions. "Energy scarcity is an issue, not just for Europe, but for Herøya and the entire industrial park. Finding solutions to the energy challenge is more relevant than ever," says Skjalg Aasland, head of development and projects at Herøya Industripark AS.

Workshop: from left Asgeir Knutsen, Skjalg Aasland and Tove Sørensen, Herøya Industripark AS, from the workshop with, seated from left, Karsten Rabe, Sintef Industri, Lars Erik Finholt, Bouvet, Bård Stranheim, Green Industry Cluster and Jørn Roar Bamle, Proventia industry incubator, who are all now stepping up their efforts. Photo: Siri Krohn-Fagervoll/Herøya Industripark AS

Seidr - for companies in development

Seidr is the place for industry, entrepreneurs, technology companies, R&D, training and course activities and other companies that support industrial activities. The place for collaboration, sharing, research and value creation.

Here you will find laboratories, pilot and test halls, offices, meeting places and conference facilities. Here we will create the optimal place for value creation, research and innovation for developing companies.

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Equinor, Skagerak Energi and national catapult center Sustanable Energy, show great interest in Herøya Industripark AS's plans to build a unique test area for the green energy sector.

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