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portrait of two researchers, woman in red lab coat and man wearing white lab coat
Norwegian raw material for aluminum creates great interest
three people standing by a pilot plant, mini factory, in a big hall
Raw material mixing pilot for fertiliser production
Moved to Herøya where they operate 900 ship calls a year
three male students standing together monitoring device showing 5G coverage
Students test 5G networks and equipment at Yara this summer
portrait of man, outdoors, flags
He is the "GO TO" for industry that want to succeed in the green shift
three men walking outdoors, container in background
Plan a unique test area for renewable energy and fuel at Herøya
two men standing and shaking hands over deal
Herøya Industripark and Telia to build Europe’s leading arena for industrial 5G
four persons sitting on a table in a laboratory
Excellent supplier service for laboratories at Herøya
two men wearing personel safety equipment in an old magnesium plant.
Dismantles 800 tonnes of aluminium for recycle
The Strukturas team of six persons in new office facilities at Herøya
World-leading bridge builders now to build factories
two men standing in office area
First step towards full decarbonisation of the ammonia plant at Herøya
seven young apprentices, working clothes, outdoors in front of production plant
Need good skilled workers for exciting projects in the industry
two men doing high five in front of building
Join forces to promote digital competence in process industry
man standing on top of building pointing with finger
Acquires production facilities and rigs for new industrial opportunities
four people standing in a production hall, posing, working clothes
Resource pool with quality-assured professional competence attracts attention