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The Admini area

The Admini in Porsgrunn is part of Yara International and is run by Coor Service Management. The property located a short distance from Herøya Industrial Park.

It consists of a large park-like open area with three buildings for meeting and conference activities: the Admini, the Villa and Casino. The Admini also contains the Gjestland Room.

The Admini area includes a park, garden and small pond, a total of 4.2 hectares. With their style and idyllic location the buildings are a perfect setting for meetings, conferences and business dinners. The buildings were constructed in the 1930's and were all designed by architect Olaf Lilloe. 

The Villa, Casino and the Gjestland Room are currently fitted out for use as meeting and conference locations. Overnight accommodation is available in the Admini and the Villa.


Inger Ødegård
Tel.: +47 41 35 64 74