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Norva24 Grenland

Norva24 Grenland offers a wide range of services within operation and maintenance, industrial and facade cleaning, high pressure flushing, pipe inspection, concrete rehabilitation and vacuum suction.

Norva24 was established in 2015, when a wide range of small local companies merged and formed a larger group across regions.

Today, they provide a wide range of services to the industrial and corporate market, government agencies and private actors.

Norva24 are the largest in the Nordic region in their field of service, and have a wealth of customers - big and small.

Young company - long story

Despite Norva24's young age, our story extends far back in time. The oldest local department started up with septic services on horse and carriage - already in 1919.

All departments have their unique and exciting history, and together they have approx. 300 years of experience!

Wide range of services and quality in every aspect

Norva24's multitude of skilled employees make every effort to deliver top quality work - at the agreed time.

They have a wide range of services in the field of high pressure cleaning, drainage, tank cleaning, piping and industrial services.

They clear passage where it is tight, flush where it is dirty and empty where it is full.

The machines and vehicles are half the job, the rest professional operators take care off. A good professional environment and equipment investments are two of the reasons the company is constantly developing.

Local knowledge and national strength

Local presence is important to provide the best service to all customers.

They know the local markets well and quickly fit into place when the need arises. And national breadth enables them to offer their customers even more services than before.

"You can count on us - we will always help!"


Asle Ognedal
Manager Grenland
Phone: +47 951 71 321

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