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Setting up in the park

Are you on the lookout for a suitable place to establish industrial or commercial operations? Do you have a business concept that you need help to realise? If so, Herøya Industrial Park could be just the place for you.

Please contact Skjalg Aasland,, tel +47 932 38 113, or
Asgeir Knutsen,, tel +47 922 53 293, for a none-binding offer.

Yaras nye lab. F-parken

Herøya Research Park is an integral part of Herøya Industrial Park and has one of the country's most attractive research environments.

Evrys lokaler

We have available facilities for various purposes, primarily office space, but also workshop and production facilities, warehouses, laboratories and test halls.

Tomt til industrietablering

If you are an entrepreneur and need somewhere to set up, or if you run industrial operations that require a lot of space, establishing your business at Herøya Industrial Park could set you well on your way to success.

Pilot Arena Herøya Industrial Park

Do you have a research project or a business idea that you want to test on a larger scale - in a so-called pilot phase? Then establishing a pilot or demonstration plant in Herøya Industrial Park could be a significant step on the road to success.

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