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Yara donates fertiliser to Africa and Bhutan in Asia to prevent hunger

tre personer står foran lasterom på båt

From left Didrik Sagafos and Nora Veungen Berg, summer interns, and production planner Erik Jensen Nordby, supervise the loading of the vessel with mineral fertiliser for Bhutan. Photo: Yara.

Bhutan's ambassador contacted Yara and asked for help in supplying the country with mineral fertiliser to secure food supplies and avoid hunger.

Yara responded positively to the inquiry and in cooperation with the UN they decided to help. Yara worked closely with Bhutan and the ambassador to realize the delivery.

Yara Porsgrunn is one of the world's largest producers of mineral fertilisers, and contributes to almost 50 million people having food on the table every year. In 2020, during the Covid pandemic, Yara sent 40,000 tonnes of mineral fertiliser to Africa, organized through the UN World Food Programme.

"This year, Yara at Herøya donates new 18,000 tonnes of mineral fertiliser to Africa through the same channels. In addition, we will donate about 2,500 tonnes of mineral fertiliser to Bhutan in the Himalayas in South Asia," says Yara's plant manager at Herøya, Ole-Jacob Siljan.

Mineral fertiliser loaded as bulk goods in Porsgrunn

The product is loaded as bulk goods in Porsgrunn, but will be reloaded in Antwerp to a 25 kg small bag for containers, and with further shipping to India before the product is transported by trucks to Bhutan. Photo: Yara.

Well suited for rice, wheat and potatoes

The mineral fertiliser product loaded for Bhutan is well suited for, among other things, rice, wheat and potatoes, all very important crops in the country.

The vessel sails from Porsgrunn to Antwerp where the product will be repackaged to 25 kg small sack for loading in containers, and with further shipping to India before the product is transported by truck to Bhutan.

"The reason why the mineral fertiliser is repackaged in small bags is to adapt to Bhutan's infrastructure and agricultural methods. Here, most farmers have small plots of land and spread the mineral fertiliser by hand," says Siljan.


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