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Resource pool with quality-assured professional competence attracts attention

four persons dressed in yellow uniforms and personal protective equipment, industry

Gets attention: The resource team in Bilfinger Industrial Manning in Porsgrunn, from left Jeanine Winther, leader, together with Kari Klufterud, Anniken Nordnes and Ronnie Skavlid, gets attention for the work of quality assuring professionals on behalf of the industry.

Now 650 specialist operators from the resource center are preparing for major maintenance assignments in the Grenland industry, starting in March.

Bilfinger Industrial Manning in Porsgrunn is building a resource center for professionals. This will ensure the parent company Bilfinger Engineering & Maintenance Nordics AS resources for the company's projects and customers.

The aim is to provide access to professionals from various suppliers of personnel as well as quality-assured professional competence, HSE knowledge, certificates and working conditions, necessary for assignments with industrial customers.

Secure qualified resources

"This is something we choose to do in Bilfinger to ensure access to enough flexible and qualified resources that can take the peaks when the need arises", says Jeanine Winther. She is at the forefront of the major investment in the resource center.

Portrait of a woman in a yellow jacket and white helmet, industry

"The biggest challenge we see now is to get enough personnel when we carry out major projects and maintenance stops for customers. Because the need is ahead of time, we work continuously with this. We are now gathering experience and creating systematics to ensure the quality of the professionals in the resource center."

Need more people in 2022

Bilfinger Industrial Manning needs even more resources to cover major maintenance audits in Grenland and at Mongstad this spring. Last autumn, 400 people were on maintenance assignments in Yara's ammonia factory under the auspices of Bilfinger.

From March, 650 professionals will be on audit assignments for ten hectic weeks. The largest maintenance stop in the region is at the factory facilities of Ineos Rafnes, Bamble and Inovyn VCM, which run over 8 weeks. In addition, there are maintenance assignments with Yara Porsgrunn at Herøya and with Equinor at Mongstad.

Increased need for professionals

"We see an increasing need and intensified competition for good professionals, and then it becomes even more important to ensure that the people we send out on assignments have the right competence and not least the necessary HSE standard in relation to our and the customers' safety requirements," says Winther.

group of four people standing in industrial building

The work with the resource center has been going on for a year. Now there is full force for the resource team that will soon have a new colleague. From left Jeanine Winther, Kari Klufterud, Anniken Nordnes and Ronnie Skavlid.

Pool of people and businesses

"Kari, Ronnie and Anniken make a great effort to build a pool of people and quality-assured suppliers of personnel that we request," praises Jeanine Winther.

"If we need more than we can procure internally in Bilfinger, we inquire at both production companies and staffing companies and expand our resource pool with resources that can deliver in the long term, but also in the short term," says Ronnie.

Requested 70 suppliers

Bilfinger Industrial Manning work with many suppliers of personnel.

portrait woman dressed in yellow work clothes and helmet, industry

"In connection with the maintenance audits this spring, we have asked between 60-70 suppliers for available personnel, within many disciplines," says Kari. "We request suppliers in Norway and abroad, but first and foremost try to obtain resources from our own companies, Bilfinger in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Germany."

"Local suppliers are often preferred, but for larger projects and audit stops we have to apply throughout Norway and also beyond the country's borders," she says.

Gets attention for their work

Ronnie says that they get attention for the supplier and competence overview they have developed. They work closely with the departments, HR, Purchasing and HSE.

"We present this in a structured and systematic way, and we see that the overviews we have developed are in demand in new requests from customers."

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Setting the standards

"Yes, we see that we are setting the standards of requirements, says Jeanine Winther proudly. "Customers are satisfied and we get feedback that no one else works exactly like us now. We also see that we have made it difficult for ourselves by making stricter demands on suppliers. Following up on this so closely has simply challenged many suppliers locally."


"I think we are able to make local suppliers, especially those we use a lot, even more attractive in the market," comments Kari. "It has probably been a transition for some companies. We work on a daily basis to develop together with the suppliers, and now experience that more people think this is a good way to improve."

Group of four people, industrial background

Dependant of each other

"We do not work with the index finger," the resource team emphasizes. "We are dependent on each other, and need to work together with continuous improvements to meet the need for capacity, flexibility and competence. This benefits the customer, Bilfinger, the suppliers. Yes, it is good for everyone."

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