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Record intake of apprentices at Bilfinger

group photo apprentices in new work clothes on a staircase outdoors

These may be future skilled workers at Herøya. They focus on the following education and qualifications: electrician, industrial mechanic, plastics mechanic, industrial painter, industrial plumber, metal worker, telecommunications operator, automatic operator, CNC operator, low current fitter, insulator, sanitary plumber and NDT/inspection. Good luck.

Bilfinger is taking on 28 apprentices this autumn, they are divided into a total of 15 subjects.

Most of the 28 apprentices will have their apprenticeship at Herøya, but some will go to Bilfinger at Rafnes and Rjukan.

Social responsibility

"Bilfinger is a large company, and it is important for us to take the social responsibility that lies in educating the skilled workers of the future. If Norwegian industry is to be able to meet the challenges that lie ahead, we must have skilled employees at all levels. Bilfinger therefore invests in training. We take on a high number of apprentices regardless of how the market fluctuates."

None of the apprentices are guaranteed a job in the company, but some are employed. "It is governed by the need in each individual subject, but approximately half of them get a job with us," says Wefald.

Startup program

The apprentices started on Thursday and Friday last week. "Now a week of introductory and HSE courses awaits, before they go out to their respective departments from Monday 12 September," he says.

Congratulations from the training office

The training office Industrilærling Vestfold Telemark is impressed.

"Bilfinger has been really successful this year with the intake of apprentices. In a time where it is challenging to recruit, they have signed more apprenticeship contracts than ever before," says Ranveig F. Johannesen, head of Industrial Apprenticeship Vestfold Telemark.

"The reason why things are going so well at Bilfinger is that they have worked systematically and in a targeted manner with recruitment and training over a longer period. Industrilærling would like to emphasize the close collaboration we have with Bilfinger. We feel that Bilfinger invests in the apprentices and that they see their apprentices as a resource, and that is what we see the result of here. Congratulating Bilfinger," she says.

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