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Praise to Ranold and partners for article on model simulating emissions to water

Jonathan Johnsplass at Ranold AS, Herøya Research Park, receives praise for an article he has written in collaboration with partners IKM Acona and NIBIO.

The Norwegian Water Association ranks the article as highly relevant and important for the practice of the EU’s Water Framework Directive.

Ranold AS has, in collaboration with a IKM Acona and NIBIO, written the Best Article in the journal VANN no. 1-2022. The journal VANN (Water in English) is published by The Norwegian Water Association, which covers technical and administrative aspects of water as a natural resource. The association emphasizes issues related to both water quality and water resources in a multi-use perspective.

Highly relevant

The editorial committee named the article by Marte K. Rosnes-Lundgaard, Jonathan Johnsplass, Anders Bjørgesæter and Anja Celine Winger, "Modelling simultaneous point source discharges into a water body with CIPMO – Combined integral and particle model", the best article in VANN no. 1-2022.

The explanation is that "the article is highly relevant, and that it indicates that the water regulations are now practiced more strongly. The article is written in an easy understandable manner, and the authors do not draw more from the results than the model suggests. The article is thus well written, informative, useful, and important."

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Jonathan Johnsplass, Ranold AS: "We appreciate the attention on our article, Modelling simultaneous point source discharges into a water body with CIPMO – Combined integral and particle model"

Relevant topic for the Grenland-region

The Ranold-team says “The issue of discharges to water is very relevant in our region. The modeling work done by Jonathan Johnsplass enable us to quantify the impact on water recipients in an objective way."

They add "CIPMO, Combined integral and particle model, has been an initiative project Ranold, with support from the policy instruments, has been involved in for several years.”

From articles summary

"Coastal areas are attractive both for living and recreation and pressure to further exploit these areas is high.

Several water bodies along the Norwegian coastline are in danger of not reaching good ecological and chemical status, which is the goal of the EU’s Water Framework Directive.

Even the best available techniques for wastewater treatment might not be enough to reach the goal of good status.

Modelling offers a lot of information pertaining to wastewater and how to minimise the effects on the environment, and is a cheap measure with potentially great benefits for the environment."

Clikk here to read the article at the Water Associations web (Norwegian, with an English summary).

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