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Dismantles 800 tonnes of aluminium for recycle

two men standing in a big factory hall

Removing aluminium from the old magnesium factory at Herøya for recycling. From left Audun Elvik Thorsen, project leader, and Skjalg Aasland, head of Development and Projects at Herøya Industripark AS.

Herøya Industripark AS dismantles 800 tonnes of aluminium scrap from the old magnesium factory at Herøya. An important metal that will be recycled in Norway and reused.

There is a great demand for aluminium in the market.

"Here in the old closed magnesium factory hall, there are large amounts of aluminium. Now we're dismantling the aluminium for recycling. This is a great circular economy project. We are "kicking off" a major preparation project at Herøya," says Skjalg Aasland, head of Development and Projects at Herøya Industripark AS.

Recycling aluminium

Audun Elvik Thorsen, Herøya Industripark AS, is leading the work of dismantling aluminium for further delivery to Metallco's recycling plant at Herøya.

Recycling 1 tonne of aluminium saves 6 tonnes of bauxite and 9 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

"It is mainly aluminium bars that run along a total of 48 smelters we are dismantling," explains project manager Audun Elvik Thorsen.

Read more about facts on aluminium recycling at here.

man with beard and white helmet standing in dark factory hall.

Project leader Audun Elvik Thorsen, Herøya Industripark AS.

Reuse as much as possible 

"In demolition and construction projects, we always dismantle and take out materials that can be reused," says Elvik Thorsen. "It is important to have as high a recycling rate as possible. Here in the magnesium factory, there is a lot of aluminium, and this is the largest project we are working on now."

The agreement is to deliver 800 tonnes of aluminium by the end of July this year.

"Is this a complicated job?"

"No, but no two projects are alike, so we have spent time figuring out how to do the work safely and efficiently.

Norsk Saneringsservice carries out the task of dismantling aluminium rails from the industrial halls. It's hard work, they primarily use chainsaws to cut the rails," he says.

mobile lift placed in factory hall for dismantling of aluminium

Dismantling aluminium from the old closed factory hall.

a man is preparing chain saw for use as cutting device.

Getting the chain saw ready.

man working with chain saw cutting aluminium bars

Norsk Saneringsservice cuts aluminium bars.

man shows aluminium scrap in his hand

Aluminium scrap. "We deliver the aluminium scrap on to our neighbour Metallco. It is short-distance recycling, good for the environment. Everything goes according to plan and we're on schedule. We have promised Metallco 800 tonnes before the summer holidays, and they will get it by then," says Audun Elvik Thorsen.

Metallco's building at Herøya

Metallco receives 800 tonnes of aluminium at their location at Herøya.

a man standing among aluminium rails ready for sorting and transportet to recycling process.

Metallco at Herøya: "We cut the aluminium scrap to the right lengths and deliver directly to smelters in Norway," explains Jo Erland Kjær, manager of Metallco at Herøya. "This is the largest metal order we have received. Being located here in the industrial park, we contribute to short-distance environmentally friendly recycling," he says.

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