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Administration Herøya Industripark AS

Phone: +47 35 92 65 00  


Hydrovegen 55, 3936 Porsgrunn, Norway

Yara to expand its fertiliser capacity at Herøya - with investments of NOK 2,250 million

The Board of Yara International ASA has approved a NOK 2,250 million investment in higher production capacity for premium fertiliser at Herøya near Porsgrunn.

A proud factory owner Per Knudsen next to one of the new exhaust pipes at the nitric acid factory ahead of its refurbishment.

A proud factory manager Per Knudsen next to one of the new exhaust pipes at the nitric acid factory ahead of its refurbishment.

“I am proud to see Yara’s confidence that Yara Porsgrunn will continue to deliver results,” says Per Knudsen, factory manager at Yara Porsgrunn. “It is a cause for satisfaction that we can compete with Norwegian land-based industries,”.

The old seventies factory is to be replaced by a new, energy-efficient and low-polluting nitric acid factory which will match any in the world.

Confirming its ambitions

Within Yara’s portfolio, complete fertiliser and calcium nitrate are key products in the premium fertiliser range, and provide extra good results for high-profit crop varieties.

“With this investment, Yara is confirming its ambition to create value by expanding existing facilities and relieving bottlenecks in production capacity. The investment also strengthens our position as a world leader in complete fertiliser and demonstrates our strong focus on supplying farmers with premium products and knowledge, thereby increasing agricultural productivity,” says Group Manager Torgeir Kvidal.

Environmental improvements

The project includes the reconstruction of a nitric acid factory and the innovative use of new technology, thus further reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, improving energy efficiency and reducing waste. The project is due for immediate start, and is expected to be complete in 2017.

“Our position has been strengthened and our workplaces have been secured by this large-scale expansion. Yara Porsgrunn’s unique expertise in the production of complete fertiliser and calcium nitrate for the international market, with low emissions and high energy recovery, confirms our position as a central player in the Yara Group, and shows that both production and the technology centre here at Herøya are of world-class calibre,” says factory manager Knudsen.


Per Knudsen, Head of Yara Porsgrunn 
Phone: (+47) 95 10 61 10

Esben Tuman, Corporate Communications 
Phone: (+47) 24 15 70 26 
Phone: (+47) 90 50 84 00 

Facts about Yara

Yara supplies products and solutions for sustainable agriculture and the environment. Our fertilisers and plant nutrient products help grow the food for an ever-increasing world population. Our industrial products and solutions reduce emissions, improve air quality and secure safe and efficient operation. Yara was established in Norway in 1905, and has a global presence, with sales to 150 countries. Safety is always our top priority.

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