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Administration Herøya Industripark AS

Phone: +47 35 92 65 00  


Hydrovegen 55, 3936 Porsgrunn, Norway

Yara sets new production records

Yara’s compound fertiliser production is absolutely booming. “The summer of 2012 is the best we have ever had,”says factory manager Per Knudsen (pictured) happily.


Yara set new production records in the summer months of June, July and August, producing more than 170 000 tonnes of compound fertiliser every month. A volume approaching the production figures for the winter months, by far the best season for compound fertiliser production due to good cooling and cool, dry days.

Running the factory well
– We are starting to reap the benefits from our investments in the plant, but first and foremost the people who are running the factory are doing a great job! I am really pleased with that, says factory manager Per Knudsen. 

– Investments in Norwegian land-based industry require us to do a good job, he points out. – We have spent the last few years stabilising equipment and reducing the numbers of injuries and incidents. This means that the management of Yara is spending money on us now.

Further increasing production
NOK 300 million will be invested over the next couple of years in order to increase production capacity by 300 000 tonnes. This increase will come about gradually, and some elements of the expansion were implemented during the summer. Among other things, a phosphoric acid tank was commissioned in June. This provides ample access to raw materials for the compound fertiliser factory. 

– We have already increased production by 60 000 tonnes a year. The project is in full swing and going well, confirms Knudsen.

2.2 million tonnes
The factory in Porsgrunn will be able to produce 2.2 million tonnes of compound fertiliser in 2014. Capacity is being increased by replacing or improving equipment along the existing production lines so as to further optimise operations.

– As far as the factory in Porsgrunn is concerned, this is recognition of the fact that we are achieving good results. We are competitive in our segment all over the world, and the quality we supply is very much in demand, said factory manager Per Knudsen in a press release earlier this summer.

As well as compound fertiliser, Yara Porsgrunn produces around 1 million tonnes of calcium nitrate a year.

The factory will not be taking on any more permanent staff as a result of the investment, but the investment will increase the security of its existing staff.

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