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Administration Herøya Industripark AS

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Hydrovegen 55, 3936 Porsgrunn, Norway

Norsk Gjenvinning to concentrate all industrial services at Herøya Industrial Park

As of 1 January 2015, Norsk Gjenvinning’s Industrial Division will be concentrating all its industrial services and associated administration at Herøya Industrial Park. Around 70 employees will be working at Herøya.

Lots of happy people were present when Norsk Gjenvinning launched plans to transfer all industrial services to Herøya Industrial Park.

Lots of happy people were present when Norsk Gjenvinning launched plans to transfer all industrial services to Herøya Industrial Park. From left: Christian Eyde, Hallmaker, Øyvind Solbakken, Vekst i Grenland, Lene Rambekk, Herøya Industripark AS, Chairman Øystein Beyer, Chief Administrative Officer Per Wold, Tor Yngve Kristiansen, Herøya Industripark AS and principal Jon Ola Stokke, Divisional Director at Norsk Gjenvinning.

The Industrial Division now operates out of five different addresses in Grenland. “Concentrating our operations in a single location will allow us to achieve better communication between the departments and build a collective culture. Collocation will also save money,” emphasises Jon Ola Stokke, Divisional Director at Norsk Gjenvinning.

He makes no secret of the fact that concentrating the company’s activities at the industrial park is vital for the future. “We have wonderful, large premises with an outdoor area and an opportunity for expansion. We are well equipped for the future now,” he says.

Fitting in with the park
Thor Oscar Bolstad, manager of Herøya Industrial Park AS, welcomes Norsk Gjenvinning to the industrial park. “We are very pleased that we have managed to pave the way for a major professional customer like Norsk Gjenvinning so that they feel it makes sense to establish themselves in the industrial arena which we are responsible for developing,” says Bolstad.

He also emphasises the fact that Norsk Gjenvinning is absolutely perfect for the industrial park and will help to make the park even more robust.

“When Herøya Industrial Park is successful, the municipality of Porsgrunn also enjoys success,” emphasised Øystein Beyer when he welcomed Norsk Gjenvinning. He pointed out that Norsk Gjenvinning’s skills environment is an important factor for both the municipality and the companies operating out of Herøya Industrial Park.

Central location
Norsk Gjenvinning’s Industrial Division already works extensively with many of the companies at the industrial park. The company also established a customer centre at Herøya earlier this year which serves the company’s 18 industrial service departments in Norway and acts as the division’s skills centre for customer relations.

This relocation to Herøya will provide Norsk Gjenvinning with shared premises for administration, sales, a customer centre, a new central workshop will all the necessary facilities, garage parking for 30 cars and equipment and plenty of opportunities for future expansions.

Norsk Gjenvinning will be in a central location at Herøya Industrial Park, in the large Hallmaker sailing hall on Hydrovegen. They will also be renting offices in an adjacent building.

The company will have a total of 5 000 sq m of garage, storage and changing room space for 75 people, a central workshop and 50 offices. It is entering into a 20-year lease with an option to purchase or sublet. The main building will be rented from Hallmaker AS, while a smaller office building will be rented from Herøya Industrial Park AS.

Facts: Norsk Gjenvinning – Industrial Division

  • Staff with outstanding expertise and extensive experience of advanced industrial services – much of the company’s business is based on projects.
  • Examples of services: cleaning of tanks, emptying of oil separators and sand traps, suction and high pressure flushing, working in a nitrogen atmosphere, oil and chemical protection, major maintenance shutdowns, catalytic converter replacement, etc.
  • The Industrial Division has a total of 330 employees in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and the UK, and a turnover of almost NOK 700 million in 2013

Norsk Gjenvinning maintains constant emergency response operations, with equipment and qualified operators who can tackle accidents and unforeseen incidents.

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