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Administration Herøya Industripark AS

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Hydrovegen 55, 3936 Porsgrunn, Norway

Molab expands by taking on Addcon's analysis activites

Molab AS, with its presence in Herøya Research Park, is expanding its activities and number of employees. It has recently taken over Addcon’s laboratory activities, and now has a staff of eight.

Øyvind Oskarsen Due, HMS og Kvalitetssjef i Addcon, Arne Aasheim, avdelingsleder i Molab og Mona Galteland, laboratorietekniker i Molab, er fornøyde med Molabs overtakelse.

“We started up the Department in autumn 2008 with just three employees and an empty building. That was the start of a fascinating development,” Departmental Manager at Molab, Arne Aasheim relates.

“When establishing the Department in the Research Park, we invested in state-of-the-art instrumentation, so that we could supply the analyses which in the old ‘Hydro days’ would have been provided by the department for analytical chemistry. The demand for our services has grown and allowed us to increase the number of employees,” he explains.

Release analyses
Molab’s Department for Applied Analytical Chemistry and R&D Support in Porsgrunn is part of Molab AS, one of the largest industrial laboratory enterprises in Norway, with around 70 employees.

Molab is a subsidiary of SINTEF, and thus has a powerful R&D backing. The company has premises in Mo i Rana, Glomfjord, Oslo and Porsgrunn.

The Porsgrunn Department has now taken over most of Addcon’s analysis requirements, and also the so-called release analyses. These comprise analyses of Addcon’s finished products, which are special products based on formates and formic acid. Until recently, Addcon had its own laboratory in the Research Park.

More efficient
“In connection with a ‘fitness programme’ at Addcon, we reviewed our analysis requirements and the associated costs and looked at how these could be improved. We discovered that the analysis could be performed more quickly and cost-effectively by Molab, whose core activity this is,” says Øyvind Oskarsen Due, HSE and Quality Manager at Addcon in the Herøya Park.

Addcon will still operate the out-of-hours laboratory at the factory, which will make running analyses where this is important for production.

New appointment
Molab has taken on one of Addcon’s laboratory staff and is also considering the need for a further appointment.

“This will give us staff dedicated to Addcon and their analysis requirements,” says Aasheim, adding that this will make Addcon Molab’s first on-lab customer in the Grenland district.

“This is a flexible concept allowing us to operate laboratories at different geographical distances,” he concludes.

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