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43,000 working hours in 14 days

mann i gul og blå jakke og hjelm foran fabrikkanlegg

Heiner Kruse, Project leader for Bilfinger.

Large Bilfinger delivery to maintenance stop in Yara's NII factory. From 27 September, Bilfinger will carry out extensive maintenance work in the Ammonia factory.

400 operators will perform 750 planned jobs. In total, Bilfinger will deliver 43,000 working hours during two hectic weeks.

At the end of January, Bilfinger was awarded a contract for the planning and execution of maintenance work in Yara's ammonia factory (NII).

"We have experience from previous stops, and the first thing we did when the planning started, was to go through the experience reports from the last time," says Bilfinger's project manager Heiner Kruse.

Thorough planning

Bilfinger is involved with many subjects: mechanical, rotary, insulation, pipe, weld, transport/crane/rig, valve, electrical, automation/instrument, construction, industrial masonry and inspection.

"In May, we took over the planning," Kruse says. "We have verified the work basis from Yara and planned every single job in detail. Each job includes many operations from disassembly of equipment, overhaul, testing and reassembly. All operations must be planned for each and every one of the 750 jobs. The scope of work has been broken down to 4,000 activities, and every single activity has been the subject of meticulous planning. The planning work has been carried out by 15 coordinators with responsibility for each subject," Kruse explains.

Corona focus during the audit shutdown

The infection situation means that recruitment of crews is more difficult than usual. And the routines during the stop itself are set up to reduce the risk of infection.

Bilfinger gets about half of the crews from its own organization. The rest is hired from subcontractors. It may be from other Bilfinger devices or other companies.

"Due to the corona situation, it has been demanding to bring in crews. Now it has become somewhat easier as more and more people are fully vaccinated. But when we ordered the crews, there was great uncertainty about whether we could get the people we needed. We have minimized staffing from abroad. Of the 400 who will participate in the stop, only about 45 are not resident in Norway. Almost all have been confirmed vaccinated. It may be that some of the crews have to be quarantined, but there will not be many."

fabrikkområde med to høye piper

Acquires professional competence from own area

Foreign workers are first and foremost mechanics for the valve workshop and industrial masons. In addition, insulators have been obtained from Poland. It is common for the valve workshop to bring in colleagues from Sweden, and for industrial masonry to be carried out by a Portuguese subcontractor. This is also the case this year, but within the areas of mechanical, pipe and welding, it has been easier to find Norwegian subcontractors.

"We pick up about 90 mechanics from partners outside Grenland," says the project manager. "Through the corona, we have worked a lot to recruit locally rather than nationally and nationally rather than internationally. That job has become easier for us since Ineos Rafnes has decided to postpone their stop until next spring."

«Golden Rules» and «Life-saving rules»

Although the corona situation has developed positively, the stop will be implemented under an infection regime. A spacious canteen tent has been ordered and emphasis has been placed on large cloakroom and toilet facilities. "We implement corona measures as a pool division of employees where we can, to avoid congestion," says Kruse. "Infection control will have a high focus all the way."

Both Bilfinger and Yara have a strong focus on HSE during the audit shutdown. All safety work during the stop is based on Bilfinger's "Lifesaving Rules" and Yara's "Golden Rules". Work at height is highlighted as a very important area.

"The most important thing for us is that all employees should come home safe and sound from work every single day," the project manager states. "Everyone who participates in the stop focuses on HSE, and we have skilled HSE managers out in the factory throughout the stop. In addition, the leaders for each discipline go on protection rounds daily."

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