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”Both Yara and Bilfinger have good reasons to congratulate ourselves with the agreement we have just made. There are three main reasons why we have chosen Bilfinger as our maintenance supplier: They are good with HMS, they deliver quality and are extremely good at reacting quickly when problems occur in our production plant.”

Sture and Celine are two of the 55 talented young people who have won apprenticeships at Herøya companies. They are looking forward, with excitement and anticipation, to learning more. 

APPRENTICE ISLAND: Each year, more than 50 young people bearing certificates of completed apprenticeship flood out of the industrial companies at Herøya. 

Bilfinger is strengthening its diverse range of services aimed at R&D businesses and pilot and experimental plants. The company has recently established a unit within its Maintenance and Workshop Services Division for coordinating fabrication, assembly, operational support, servicing and maintenance within this type of activity.

As of 1 January 2015, Norsk Gjenvinning’s Industrial Division will be concentrating all its industrial services and associated administration at Herøya Industrial Park. Around 70 employees will be working at Herøya.

“I think this has given us some good feedback on things we work with.” Monica Mæland (Conservative), Minister of Trade and Industry, had this to say in her summing-up of the discussion with managers at Herøya Industrial Park today. “This feedback confirms that we can facilitate matters for industry even more effectively".

Innovation Norway has allocated NOK 20 million in funding to the SilMag project, which is planning the production of magnesium and silica at the Herøya Industrial Park. This is a flying start for phase 1 of the project.

The long-term and secure raw material situation are the basis for new investments at Rafnes. Noretyl invests NOK 300 million in the new cracker furnace. This will give an increase in ethylene production of just under 10 per cent. Yet equally as important, the investment in increased furnace capacity will make it possible to perform maintenance without losing capacity.

You don’t come back from that kind of trade fair with signed contracts. Subsea Valley is an arena for making contacts, with the aim of increasing our supplies to the offshore market,” says Marketing Manager at Bilfinger Industrial Services Norway AS, Torger Waag.

“We had a fantastic day in Grenland and met many enthusiastic and committed professionals.” So says Petroleum and Energy Minister Tord Lien, following a visit to Gassnova, Statoil and Norcem on his trip to Grenland today. 

Molab has entered into an agreement with Statoil to analyse produced water from 40 installations on the Norwegian continental shelf over the next few years. The samples will be transported to Porsgrunn, where they are to be analysed by Molab. The company is housed on the top storey of the Research Park of Herøya Industripark.

Yara’s project organisation is in full swing with a main study for increased production at Yara’s factories in Herøya Industrial Park. Bamboo is well-known for its rapid growth, and Yara Bamboo is the name of the company’s growth strategy.

The world energy market is changing. Technological developments mean that INEOS in Bamble, Norway, can import American shale gas on long-term contracts at a significantly lower price than North Sea gas. Noretyl AS is building a 35,000 cubic metre tank to receive ethane shipments from the USA. The tank will be ready by the time the first ship arrives in mid 2015.

Most Norwegian Prime Ministers in recent times have visited the industrial plant at Herøya. Even the mighty Soviet leader Nikita Kruschev was here in 1964, together with Einer Gerhardsen. The last Tuesday in February it was the turn of Prime Minister Erna Solberg to visit the industrial park. 

Trainee Telemark has secured five able candidates for the trainee scheme due to start on 1 March. The trainees will be a good match for the companies in the scheme, including EVRY and Herøya Industripark AS at Herøya. The candidates have an international background and high-level Norwegian qualifications.


“How can we at Yara meet the international competition with our product?” was the rhetorical question of Yara Finance Director Torgeir Kvidal. “The answer is research and development. And we have a special focus on three areas: added value in the products, environmental improvements and customer partnerships.” 


Baze Technology has taken the lead in the infotainment sector with IPTV (internet TV reception) for offshore industries and wind farms, and is making fresh strides from its new head office near the Telemarksporten Tunnel. “Herøya Industrial Park as a base location and facilitator has played an important role in our development,” says General Manager Sigurd Juvik.



Yara has approved a study to increase production in Porsgrunn. The study will be completed in the third quarter of next year and will provide the Board with a basis for decisions on increasing the production of nitric acid, calcium nitrate and NPK fertilizer in Porsgrunn. 


The company OiW Process AS has established itself in the Herøya Industrial Park in record time. It took exactly one week from enquiry to moving in. – Things have been coming along in leaps and bounds since moving in here, say Susan Heldal and Albert Arches of the newly established OiW Process AS.



Yara Norway chose Herøya Industrial Park as its new node in Southern Norway for the efficient supply of mineral fertilisers to Norway. The terminal building, which will cost NOK 90 million to construct, will be operational by the summer of 2014. 



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