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– Greater investment in R&D will make the Industrial Park even more attractive

Tuesday 19 September 2017

– My experience is that high levels of activity in research and development and close collaboration with the academic community make places attractive. By investing even more in R&D, Herøya Industrial Park could attract more new businesses, Sverre Gotaas says.

Herøya could be the first in the world with CO2-free magnesium production

Friday 08 September 2017

Enova has granted a funding commitment of NOK 19.5 million to NorMag AS, for use in construction of a pilot facility for energy and climate-efficient production of magnesium and silica at Herøya. The facility will produce the world’s first CO2-free magnesium.

Herøya Industrial Park set to provide faster and better information when the alarm sounds – and in other situations, too

Friday 23 June 2017

– Vi skal informere mer, i flere kanaler og ha tettere nabokontakt og dialog. Både om hva som skjer i alarmsituasjoner, men også om aktiviteter og arbeider som skjer i industriparken ellers, sier Tone Rabe, HMS sjef i Herøya Industripark AS. 

Successful startup at Elkem Solar factory - record production rates and tip top quality

Thursday 18 May 2017

Works Manager Geir Ausland and Production Manager Trude Nysæter from Elkem Solar at Herøya are seeing record production rates and tip-top quality following the startup of the world's most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly factory for the production of silicon blocks. 

Sverre Gotaas new director at Herøya Industripark AS

Thursday 11 May 2017

Sverre Gotaas (57) has been named the new director of Herøya Industripark AS (HIP AS), taking over from Thor Oscar Bolstad after his 11 years in the position. Gotaas is currently director of innovation at Kongsberg Gruppen ASA be taking over at Herøya on 1 July 2017.

Yara and the Kongsberg Group cooperate on the construction of the world's first autonomous and emissions-free container ship.

Tuesday 09 May 2017

Yara hopes to dispense with 40,000 trips a year in diesel-powered lorries by switching goods transport from the roads to the sea. The Kongsberg Group is to deliver the technology, and regards sea transport as a main focus area, with autonomous control as a vital core technology.

Yara Porsgrunn at Herøya Industrial Park and Norcem Brevik point the way to full-scale CO2 capture in the processing industry.

Sunday 23 April 2017

"Someone has to take the lead. And we decided to be that someone," say Per Knudsen, Director of Yara Porsgrunn at Herøya Industrial Park, and Per Brevik, Sustainability Director at HeidelbergCement Norway, of which Norcem Brevik is a part. 

Herøya Industripark AS buys REC buildings 1 and 2 – major development potential possible

Wednesday 01 March 2017

REC buildings 1 and 2 have finally found new owners. The buildings are being purchased by Herøya Industripark AS. The company sees great potential for the two buildings, which cover more than 23,000 square metres.

Perfect location for entrepreneurial company OiW Process at Herøya Research Park

Tuesday 28 February 2017

“Absolutely perfect,” said general manager Susan Heldal when entrepreneurial company OiW Process relocated to Herøya Research Park at the start of the year. This relocation has given them spacious, practical premises with offices, meeting rooms and a laboratory.

"There is currently a strong focus on food waste, since 25% of the food we buy, or every fourth plastic bagful, ends up in the bin, rather than on our plates," says Åse Spangelo, DSc, who is market and application manager at Praxair in Herøya.

Innovation Norway Telemark has made a grant of NOK 35 million to the technology company REEtec, which is to establish a demonstration plant for separation of rare earth elements at Herøya Industripark. 

The 52 employees of Addcon at Herøya keep track of weather forecasts in a different way to most other people. Slush, sleet, rain and around 0 C – perfect weather. This is when runways at Gardermoen airport and all other runways in Norway, including those at military bases, are sprayed with de-icing agent from Herøya.

"It is fantastic to be able to return and re-open this solar industry fairy tale. This is possible because Elkem Solar have made formidable efforts to improve the technology and production processes," said Prime Minister Erna Solberg to hundreds of jubilant employees, business representatives, politicians and public sector representatives.

A turnaround lasting 41 days will be undertaken at Yara’s ammonium factory (NII) from 16 September. This is a routine stoppage that is carried out every four years. A large investment project will also be completed in addition to the turnaround.

Using the excess heat from Yara’s calcium nitrate factory, Skagerak Varme has expanded its capacity at Herøya Industrial Park. From autumn 2017, the company plans to deliver waste heat to around 90,000 m2 of the industrial park’s buildings. Building owners Herøya Industripark AS and Bilfinger are looking forward to utilising the waste heat.

RHI Normag as at Herøya announces changes in production and organisation through a press release today.

So says Director of Investments at Oslo Pensjonsforsikring (OPF) Kjetil Houg, who formally took over Herøya Industripark AS with effect from yesterday, 23 June.

The sale of Herøya Industrial Park AS to Oslo Pensjonsforsikring AS (OPF) was completed Thursday, June 23.

“We are experiencing increased interest in our magnesium-containing bi-products,” says Vidar Lid, Supply Chain and Sales Manager at RHI Porsgrunn. Yara Porsgrunn is the largest local customer.

Elkem Solar has decided to start the production of silicone blocks in two of REC’s old factories at Herøya. The search to find around 70 enthusiastic employees is now on.

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