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Yara Norway chose Herøya Industrial Park as its new node in Southern Norway for the efficient supply of mineral fertilisers to Norway. The terminal building, which will cost NOK 90 million to construct, will be operational by the summer of 2014. 



Molab AS, with its presence in Herøya Research Park, is expanding its activities and number of employees. It has recently taken over Addcon’s laboratory activities, and now has a staff of eight.

RHI Normag AS has appointed Trym E. Hansen as its new Managing Director from 1 September. At the same time, RHI reports that the Herøya factory is now in full production. 

Norsk Hydro ASA and Serenity Capital Pte. Ltd have signed an agreement that could lead to Serenity’s Norwegian subsidiary SilMag International AS restarting magnesium production at Herøya, Norway.

Read more in the press release from Solvay and Ineos

"In the Grenland area, we have comprehensive resources of skilled workers, technical expertise, quay facilities and indoor areas for the complete overhaul of rigs, so the dream situation would to be bring the oil rig here," says Dag Tore Johnsen (photo) of Bilfinger OTAC at Herøya.

BIS Production Partner has become Bilfinger Industrial Services Norway, with the ambition of serving as a complete partner for the processing industry in the Nordic Region. 

They’ve found their jobs for the future at Yara in Porsgrunn. Linn Køtterheinrich, strategic buyer, and Hege Støkke Sundsaasen, assistant shift manager at the ammonia plant, are both keen to work for a progressive company offering lots of opportunities. 

Yara in Porsgrunn needs 20-30 new staff every year “Good skilled workers are available locally, and we find engineers both locally and internationally,” says Arne Øygard, the man responsible for recruitment at Yara for Scandinavia and the UK.

A consortium consisting of the Porsgrunn Local Authority, regional, national and international actors has expressed an interest in taking over Hydro’s ownership interests in Herøya. The initiative came after Hydro’s announcement that it wants to sell the company. 

The company Proventia AS, which is to assist in setting up and growing businesses in Telemark, was founded on Herøya this morning. Behind the newly-established company stand nine strong partners who represent industry, government, research and education.  

InflowControl, a Herøya-based company, headed by Vidar Mathiesen (photo), has won DNB’s NOK 200,000 regional innovation prize. InflowControl has developed an autonomous inflow control valve for the oil industry which is the best business idea in Telemark, Vestfold and Buskerud. 

Steuler Solar GmbH has developed and patented a new generation of crucibles for production of wafers for the solar cell industry. This crucible will be an important aid in the reduction of production costs for pure solar energy. Its subsidiary, Steuler Solar Technology AS, is now establishing pilot production of crucibles at Herøya Industrial Park.

The region’s new industry incubator established at Herøya is offering a gift package to trade and industry. “Companies participating in ownership will have the opportunity to develop their own business as well as helping to promote others,” says Jørn Roar Bamle, project member and partner from Vekst i Grenland.

The millions earmarked by Trond Giske, Minister of Trade and Industry, for an incubator for industry and technology gave rise to enormous enthusiasm in the region. NOK 5 million have now been allocated to SIVA for establishment of an industrial incubator at Herøya. If everything goes according to plan, the incubator – which will be affiliated to the industrial centre at Herøya – will be operational over the New Year.

Yara Technology Centre has taken on 25 new members of staff since 2011. They have been recruited to help with innovation-driven development within the company. Yara is concentrating its efforts on improvements and innovations in the fields of fertiliser, food production and the environment.

Yara’s compound fertiliser production is absolutely booming. “The summer of 2012 is the best we have ever had,”says factory manager Per Knudsen (pictured) happily.

– Grenland is a relevant recruitment area we can use, say FMC Technologies and Norsk Analyse, who have just established a presence at Herøya.


REC ASA has decided to cease further funding of REC Wafer Norway AS. Consequently there is no basis for a solvent winding-up of the company and the Board of REC Wafer Norway AS has resolved to file for bankruptcy.


"Pilot Arena Herøya is intended to be the place where you are most likely to succeed in commercialising an industrial innovation," says Rolf Olaf Larsen, who works in business development at Herøya Industrial Park. "The aim is to develop future-oriented products and more jobs" 

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