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Newly launched DigiPro will digitize industry faster

Photo of participants of a digital meeting

Initiative for digital collaboration: A strong group of leading industrial, technology and research environments in Norway is starting a collaboration in DigiPro. Here from a recent workshop led by Frode Brakstad, SINTEF (top left) with participants from Boliden, Elkem, Eramet, Hydro, Herøya Industripark AS, Jotun, Fiven, Storvik, Bouvet Norway, Cybernetica, Novotek Norway, Idletechs, Bilfinger Industrial Services, Siemens, Rambøll, the Universities of Southeast Norway and Agder, Eyde Cluster, NORCE and Kongsberg Digital. Photo: Frode Brakstad/SINTEF

The newly started DigiPro center originates from the process industry, technology suppliers, SINTEF, USN, NORCE, UiA and Herøya Industripark AS.

They have brought with them some of Norway's leading industrial, technology and research environments. Everyone wants to digitize industry faster. The initiatives to help build sustainable, competitive industry and technology in Norway are coming at a rapid pace from Herøya.

Digitize the Norwegian process industry

Now some of the leading industrial, technology and research communities in Norway are launching the DigiPro Center, an initiative with great ambitions to contribute to faster digitization in the Norwegian process industry.

Define projects useful for others

The group in DigiPro, led by Frode Brakstad, an expert and central in Sintef's investment in digitalisation in industry, is already well on its way to defining projects that will be useful to more people.

A man in red sweater standing in office landscape

Frode Brakstad, SINTEF

Data analysis and sensor technology

The main interest among the companies is, in short, to achieve autonomous and predictable operation through advanced data analysis and the use of sensor technology. The companies run their own projects and some are already collaborating on joint projects.

"I have two wishes for this center", says DigiProleder Frode Brakstad. "First that we will create projects that provide added value for members. And secondly that all members should be happy. You really only need to manage number two, he says with a smile. "It is a result of the added value being created. The goal is to get added value from digitization to happen faster than what is possible without DigiPro, under the motto "Get better together".

Opportunities for rapid change

Brakstad talks about a current time window with great opportunities.

"NOK 1.3 billion has been announced for sustainable value creation in Norwegian business and industry, and NOK 550 million of this is earmarked industry, in two to four year projects. We see opportunities to make changes quickly", he says optimistically. "Now the group is in the process of prioritizing, next we will divide the input into projects. We have a special focus on mature technologies that can be used quickly".

Introduce digital solutions and expertise

"DigiPro is an open meeting place, not Sintef-controlled, but a common platform where competitors also meet each other", Brakstad explains.

"The goal is for DigiPro to contribute to introducing smart digital solutions and digital competence into the Norwegian process industry".

The second offensive effort from Herøya

DigiPro Center is SINTEF's second offensive initiative together with Herøya Industripark AS, and closely follows the establishment of the Innovation Hub in Herøya Research Park, where Norway's most advanced Fabrication Lab opens during the year.

two men standing in office landscape

Realizing industry 4.0: From left Frode Brakstad and Chandana Ratnayake, research colleagues at SINTEF, lead the DigiPro center and the establishment of the Innovation Hub with the opening of FabLab, respectively. Both initiatives will help to realize industry 4.0.

Realizing Industry 4.0

DigiPro and Innovasjonhub Herøya, are both initiatives led by SINTEF.

SINTEF's establishment on Herøya last autumn marked the start of the parties' joint strategic effort to give entrepreneurs and innovators access to closer collaboration with researchers. It is part of Herøya Industripark AS 'major investment in building Seidr, an expansion of the Research Park, a larger center for innovation and technology. The goal is to create a new competitive industry and to solve some societal challenges.

About DigiPro

DigiPro is the center for digitization of the process industry. This center will be part of the Innovation Hub in the new Seidr Herøya.

These businesses are already on board: Boliden, Elkem, Eramet, Hydro, Jotun, Fiven, Storvik, Bouvet Norge, Cybernetica, Novotek Norway, Idletechs, Bilfinger Industrial Services, Siemens, Rambøll, Universitetene i Sørøst-Norge og Agder, Eyde Cluster, NORCE, Kongsberg Digital og Herøya Industripark AS.


If you want to know more about DigiPro, please contact:
Frode Brakstad, sjefforsker SINTEF, mob. 992 79 496,

Illustration showing  DigiPro, an initiativ from SINTEF

Illustration: SINTEF

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