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Callista new owner of RHI Normag at Herøya

Factory hall and a portrait of a man i blue jumper

RHI Normag at Herøya produces CCM (Caustic Calcined Magnesia). Photo shows rotary kiln in the production hall, Herøya Industrial Park. To the right, factory manager Jan Petter Hestvik.

 Callista Private Equity GmbH (Callista) has bought all shares in Norwegian RHI Normag AS at Herøya.

Callista has also acquired Irish Premier Periclase Ltd. in Drogheda, reports RHI Magnesita in a press release 3 Feb 2021.

Both companies predominantly produce caustic calcined magnesia products for the fertilizer, animal feed, hydrometallurgical, pulp and paper, environmental and refractory industries.


Callista is specialized on the acquisition of non-core group assets and the subsequent optimization of the companies on a standalone basis, RHI Magnesita announce. RHI Magnesita explains the selling decision with its ongoing global network optimization.

Renames to Magnor Minerals  

RHI Normag AS renames to Magnor Minerals AS, Callista announce in their press release. Within the first months, Callista will focus on the carve-out from the former parent group to set the companies up as standalone entities with own business functions and a proprietary corporate identity.

Both companies will remain at their current premises as both are favorably located by the sea with an own seawater intake, which enables consistent high product quality and an unlimited supply of seawater as an important raw material, Callista says.

Great confidence

Plant manager Jan Petter Hestvik has great confidence in the new owners.

portrait of man i blue jumper

Plant manager Jan Petter Husvik

"Callista has clear expectations of us. They have confidence in local management and operation, and I have great trust in them," says the factory manager optimistically.

"Our new owners have clear ambitions to build a sustainable and solid factory unit, and the work to increase competitiveness is starting now," he points out.

Develop new products for the international market

"We are now moving from being a raw material supplier internally in the RHI Magnesita Group, to becoming an independent factory unit that will develop new magnesium products and qualities. And we will work in an international market," says Jan Petter Hestvik.

Since the Fused Magnesia plant shut down production in 2020, RHI Normag continued to produce magnesium oxide (MgO), a raw material for Yara's fertilizer production at Herøya.

Increase production 2021

"What is ahead for 2021?"

"Fused Magnesia production at Herøya is now closed down, but production of CCM continues. We are now running production campaigns, and aim to intensify and increase production volume in 2021," says Hestvik.

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