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Investing millions in digitization of power supply at Herøya

a man stands before modernised high voltage systems

Rolls royce: – This is our latest "Rolls Royce" digital high voltage system full of software developed and put together by our local partner for many years, ABB Electrification Norway in Skien. We will build more of these facilities at Herøya, says an enthusiastic Øyvind Nyhus, general manager of Herøya Nett AS.

Herøya Nett AS digitizes power supply in the industrial park. The grid company has plans to invest NOK 160 million in new, compact and efficient power plants over the next 4 to 5 years.

Now Herøya Nett replaces all old open 12 kilovolt power plants in two large main plants in Herøya Industrial Park. One power plant that supplied the magnesium factory with electricity, and the other plant that supplies Yara's ammonia factory.  

Ready to connect to factory

a man standing with a pc in front of presentation

– We plan to start production of graphite material at Herøya in 2023, Stian Madshus said recently in a meeting with the media at Herøya. Here in front of the sketch of the planned factory facility.

– We have already started, says Øyvind Nyhus, general manager of Herøya Nett AS, engaged. – Now we take hold of the main plant at the old magnesium area first, where Elkem plans to build a factory. We have estimated the new facility at approximately NOK 70 million. It will be ready in 2 to 3 years, at the same time as Elkem's plans to start up a factory in the same area.

– If Elkem should decide to build a factory here, it's just a matter of connecting, assures the cheerful network manager at Herøya. – Then the plan is to replace the next large plant, which is located at the ammonia factory, says Nyhus.

Switching to fully digital

In short, the power supply at Herøya is becoming fully digital to meet new needs and new industrial development.

– The 50-year-old facilities are neither efficient nor safe enough, says Øyvind Nyhus. – You would not receive any permission today to build such open facilities. These are the ones we replace, and now use the opportunity to digitize all the way in good cooperation with local ABB Electrification Norway here in Skien.

A man stands til the right in the photo and monitores data in front of him on a screen

Monitoring 15,000 points: Rolf Harry Tande in Herøya Nett, who has developed the control system himself, follows closely. The system receives signals from about 15,000 different points on Herøya.

About Herøya Nett

 Herøya Nett AS is a grid company that owns, operates and maintains distribution and transmission networks for the distribution of energy in the industrial park. The company is 100% Yara-owned.

Herøya Nett AS has an area license to build and operate electrical plants and takes measures in existing transformer and connection stations and wired plants in Herøya Industrial Park and the filled area in the Gunneklevfjord, which borders the industrial park. Herøya Nett AS also conducts electricity inspections of all the businesses in the park.

The electricity grid's total capacity is 640 MW, the power output is 150 MW, and the annual energy consumption in the industrial park is approx. 1 TWh.

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