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Welcome to Seidr Herøya

Seidr is a new place at Herøya where the future of industrial Norway will be created. We are building a new place for industrial innovation and technology. Here we gather all expertise from research parks, pilot arenas and more that are already at Herøya, under one roof.

In Seidr, you get access to researchers, technologists and test opportunities in new ways. We will make the power of innovation available.

Contact us

portrett mann i mørk blazer
Skjalg Aasland
Vice President Facilities and Development

Tel: +47 932 38 113

Asgeir Knutsen
Business Development Manager

Tel: +47 922 53 293

Seidr is the place

where the most successful, green and innovative technologies of the future for industry and society will be created.

*) Seidr is an old, Norse expression that describes the magic associated with predicting and shaping the future.


Together we will create the most successful, green and innovative industry of the future. We will do this through activities in an environment with world-leading expertise.

What you need to know about Seidr Herøya

Seidr is the place for Industry, entrepreneurs, technology companies, R&D, training and course activities and other companies that support industrial activities. The place for collaboration, sharing, research and value creation.

Here you will find a laboratories, pilot and test halls, offices, meeting places and conference facilities. At Seidr we will create the optimal place for value creation, research and innovation for companies in development.

We do this because...

Sverre Gotaas

"Seidr is our commitment to gain more expertise at Herøya. Competence is vital now for developing Norwegian industry from where it is today, to where it will be in a few years. We hope to attract many important companies and many wise minds to help us".

Asgeir Knutsen
Business Development Manager

"Join us in creating the optimal place for value creation, research and innovation for developing companies.".

Seidr News

two men "high five" outside Herøya research park

Universities and research environments join forces with the process industry to create a further education offer in digitalisation.

Tuesday 01 February 2022

Photo of participants of a digital meeting

The newly started DigiPro center originates from the process industry, technology suppliers, SINTEF, USN, NORCE, UiA and Herøya Industripark AS.

Tuesday 06 April 2021

group of nine persons in the snow in front of blue container

Hydrogen investments are increasing at Herøya. HydrogenPro is establishing a test center, while NEL is in the process of building a fully automated facility for the production of catalysers.

Tuesday 02 February 2021

two men in front of a monitor displaying an animation

The local company Cody is building Norway's most advanced and first digital FabLab, which will enter the Innovation Hub for entrepreneurs and innovators at Herøya in 2021.

Thursday 21 January 2021

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