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Elkem chooses Herøya for large-scale battery materials plant

Birds eye photo showing the area for new factory

Possible billion investment in Herøya Industrial Park. Approximately 60,000 square meters will be arranged for Elkem. Photo: Ole Bjørn Ulsnæs

Elkem announces that they’ve chosen Herøya Industrial Park, located in Porsgrunn, Norway, as the site for a potential large-scale plant for battery graphite production in Norway. 

The plant, named Northern Recharge, will generate several green jobs in the region.

Based on the rapid electrification of transport, Elkem expects a strong growth in the demand for lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are also used in a wide range of other products, as power tools, consumer electronics and electric bikes.

The plant at Herøya will produce graphite, which is an important component in most lithium-ion batteries. The Elkem Northern Recharge project aims to take a competitive position in the international market, wish to contribute to strengthen the European battery industry and to build a new Norwegian export industry based on renewable, Norwegian hydropower.

In accordance with the strategy

CEO in front of screens streaming conference, in background

Sverre Gotaas, CEO, Herøya Industripark AS. Live streaming conference from Oslo in background.

CEO of Herøya Industrial Park, Sverre Grotaas, says the project will give a positive ripple effect in Porsgrunn and the surrounding region.

"This proves once again that the existing infrastructure, built over 90 years, provides great value for new stakeholders. An establishment like this is in accordance with our strategy."

He thinks the availability of a local qualified workforce is part of the reason Elkem wants to establish a plant at Herøya Industrial Park.

"New businesses choosing our location – and certainly one the size of Elkem – will create jobs in the local area and strengthen the economic development," Grotaas says.

Positive news for Porsgrunn and the entire region

mayor gives flowers and congratulations to CEO

Sverre Gotaas, CEO, Herøya Industripark AS, receives flowers and congratulations from mayor Robin Kåss. 

Mayor of Porsgrunn, Robin Kåss, is very satisfied with Elkem’s plans. He says the local administration has been actively involved in the establishment and appreciates the cooperation with Elkem and Herøya Industripark AS to secure the investment to Porsgrunn.

– This is extremely positive news for the town of Porsgrunn and the entire region. It will create a lot of jobs and consolidate our position as a global center for green industry, Kåss says.

Emphasizes sustainable industrial development

Herøya Industrial Park is owned by Oslo Pensjonsforsikring, and CEO Åmund Lunde says that they are very proud to be part of this process, and look forward to working closely with Elkem to achieve a successful establishment and production at Herøya.

"Oslo Pensjonsforsikring has a long-term perspective on its investments where sustainability is heavily weighted. The fact that such an establishment at Herøya both secures our values, and can contribute to long-term sustainable industrial development in Norway and new jobs locally, supports our core values," says Åmund Lunde.

"With its good and well-functioning infrastructure when it comes to, among other things, good access to necessary power, cooling water and quay facilities, the conditions are well suited for such an investment on Herøya."

participants of press conference out doors in the industripark

From left, Sverre Gotaas, CEO at Herøya Industripark AS, Øyvind Solbakken, Commercial manager Porsgrunn kommune, Lars Haram, Investment manager Oslo Pensjonsforsikring, Skjalg Aasland, Facility and development manager at Herøya Industripark AS, Robin Kåss, Mayor of Porsgrunn kommune and Tone Rabe, Property operations at Herøya Industripark AS.


Information on the project can be directed to:

Sverre Gotaas, Managing director/CEO, Herøya Industripark AS
Tel: +47 902 49 734, email:

Richard Groven, Property Manager, Oslo Pensjonsforsikring
Tel: +47 915 75 087, email:

Hans Iver Odenrud, Corporate Communication Manager, Elkem ASA
Tel: +47 95 81 62 30, email:

See press release from Elkem

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