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Restarted a closed down factory to supply raw materials to Yara

two men in front of white big bags of raw material

Receives raw materials from the neighboring factory on Herøya: Victor Dias, production manager RHI Normag and Trym Ellefsen production coordinator in Yara Porsgrunn's complete fertilizer factories, continues useful neighborly cooperation on raw material deliveries.

Useful raw material cooperation between the neighboring factories RHI Normag AS and Yara Porsgrunn at Herøya continues, despite challenging times for RHI Normag AS.

Due to Covid-19 and failure in demand for the main product fused magnesia, RHI decided earlier to close down the factory at Herøya. Production Manager Victor Dias and his team restarted production in June to supply the raw material magnesium oxide (MgO) to Yara's complete fertilizer factories 3 and 4. MgO is an important plant nutrient that Yara uses in fertilizer production.

Big truck carrying big bags containing raw material for Yara

Short-distance raw material storage ready for use: 3000 tonnes of MgO in sacks and silos in stock at RHI, ready for use in Yara's complete fertilizer factories.

"Yara Porsgrunn has for many years been our local major MgO customer, and right now Yara Porsgrunn is our main customer", says Victor Dias. "Yara is an important customer for us", says the production manager who has followed Yara's deliveries for a number of years, ever since the start-up of the RHI factory in 2012.

Raw material stocks ready for collection

Yara Porsgrunn has had its raw material stock filled with 3,000 tonnes of MgO in big bag and bulk ready to be picked up in stock at RHI Normag AS.

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Stable deliveries

Operator climbing up the ladder of big truck

Regular refilling: Operator Leif Thomas Haugen ensures regular and frequent refilling of MgO bags for fertilizer factory 4.

Why does Yara choose to use MgO from RHI?

"In general, we need stability in deliveries for production in the complete fertilizer factories 3 and 4", says Trym Ellefsen, production coordinator in the complete fertilizer factories 3 and 4, Yara Porsgrunn. "We ourselves have a small silo that holds about 30 tons. We use a maximum of a couple of tonnes of MgO per hour, so we need frequent and regular refilling".

Several benefits

"We mainly get deliveries by car with Sørum Transport", Ellefsen explains. "They deliver directly from RHI's warehouse in silo. MgO in big bags, we use less of, and pick up ourselves as needed. Here we get several advantages both in that RHI can store for us, and a short distance between raw material storage and our fertilizer production".

Three men: Production manager RHI, operator og production coordinator both from Yara Porsgrunn

Can deliver quickly: Victor Dias is proud of the RHI team who have proven that they can deliver magnesium-containing products to Yara on short time. "We work closely together to plan future deliveries", says from left: Victor Dias, RHI Normag AS, Leif Thomas Haugen and Trym Ellefsen, both Yara Porsgrunn.

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