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Launching the first product – groundbreaking for more sustainable PVC

photo of two persons dressed in white uniforms holding the new product in a plastic container

Breakthrough: “The contents of this bottle are our breakthrough. The first product we are now launching for customers internationally has been produced at the pilot plant at Herøya Research Park,” explain “ pilot manager” Tonje Haagensen (left) and Petter Pettersen, the company’s recently appointed business development manager.

Start-up company Funzionano, originating from SINTEF, has devised the formula for an exciting new project after just over a year working on piloting processes at Herøya Research Park

This special product goes by the name of D-PYRE™ and is now being supplied to a number of customers. 

“We are working on deliveries of trial volumes to a number of customers in Europe. We are testing the system at the moment together with selected end customers in Italy and the Nordic region,” explains Petter Pettersen, the company’s recently appointed business development manager.

The Funzionano team are proud to report on a number of groundbreaking product characteristics.

Advancing PVC up the sustainability league

What are its most groundbreaking characteristics?

“First and foremost, D-PYRE™ makes soft PVC safer and more resistant in terms of fire. The product is also good for the environment and health,” say the proud Funzionano team members.

The team members explain that this solution is a fire retardant that slows and prevents fires while also helping to reduce exposure to chemicals in PVC. D-PYRE™ is based on bio-based components and biodegrades naturally at the end of its service life.

The Funzionano solution is therefore helping to advance soft PVC up the sustainability league and into the socially beneficial circular economy.

Photo of the Funzionano team

Ready to scale up production: The Funzionano team are ready to scale up production of D-PYRE™. Back, from left: Tonje Haagensen, Morten Eikenes, Samer Sahli and Petter Pettersen. Front, from left: Annie Knutsen, Dag Høvik and Matthew Read.

Useful cooperation

“Cooperation with PVC experts, the Herøya pilot arena and the Proventia incubator network is beneficial to us,” save the happy Funzionano team members.

“We have received good advice and input from research environments and PVC experts in Grenland; and also from Norner, an active member of our board,” explains general manager Morten Eikenes.

Worldwide ambitions

Funzionano is now launching D-PYRE™ internationally.

“We are now launching our product on a broad scale in both Scandinavia and Europe, explains Petter Pettersen. “Our product is uniquely targeted at a gigantic market worldwide. We have big ambitions, but we are taking it one step at a time,” he assures. 

Pettersen lists a number of relevant industries that use soft PVC in their products: the construction industry, which uses soft PVC in flooring, wall papers and walls; the automotive industry and transport sector, which use PVC in interiors and faux leather; and the electrical industry and maritime sector. 

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Green direction

Describe your dream customer.

There are many different ones. “All customers who work with plasticised PVC and need flame retardant properties,” says Pettersen quickly. “We dream of having customers who want to head in a green direction. We look at the environmental profiles of customers that are a good fit for us,” he says.

Funzionano’s staff and owners are now reinforcing the commercialisation of D-PYRE™ by means of both a share issue and a targeted marketing initiative. A new D-PYRE™ website will be ready to launch soon. 

More products in the pipeline

Two employees holding plastic container with new product

Tonje Haagensen is updating Petter Pettersen on some of the product’s groundbreaking properties.  

But Funzionano will not be stopping at its first product. General manager Morten Eikenes explains that a number of other interesting projects are in the pipeline.  

“We are looking at other applications and have a number of projects in the pipeline, besides PVC. Our objective is to bring value creation home to Norway and Herøya,” says the general manager with enthusiasm. 


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You can add one unit instead of up to twenty, and you can still make a stronger, greener end product – and in many cases bring down the customer’s costs as well. The product can be added to transparent plasticisers so that it can be used in transparent products. The product improves mechanical properties and is more eco-friendly.

Test results

The health classification is “may cause skin irritation”, which is a much milder classification compared with traditional flame retardants in PVC. Does not contain brominated phosphates or heavy metals that are undesirable and cause dust in indoor environments This product is readily degradable and results in a mineral that is returned to nature in ash after incineration, for example.

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