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Plan to produce renewable aviation fuel from water and CO2 at Herøya

flyfoto over østre område av Herøya Industripark med pil som indikere område for ny etablering

Norsk E-fuel is planning Europes first commercial production of hydrogen based renewable fuel for aircrafts at Herøya. Foto: Orbiton

– Norsk e-Fuel's project is very interesting to Herøya Industrial Park, and shows that we are relevant far beyond our own region.

This is stated by Rolf Olaf Larsen, industrial expert and manager of Pilotarena Herøya, in Herøya Industripark AS.

Reducing CO2 emissions on aviation routes

Norsk e-Fuel, headquartered in Oslo, plan to industrialize Power-to-Liquid (PtL) in Norway for the European market. 

Herøya industrial park in Porsgrunn will host the first production plant, which will produce enough fuel to halve CO2 emissions on the five busiest aviation routes in Norway.

Please see press release from Norsk e-Fuel for more information.

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