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"Ally yourself with German industrial enterprises from Bavaria"

Gard Madsen

"Join industrial enterprises and academics from Bavaria in promoting a green circular economy," urges Gard Madsen, Business Developer at Herøya Industripark AS.

Gard Madsen of Herøya Industripark AS, together with Invest in Norway and InSITE BAVARIA, invite you to consider the opportunities for cooperation between the Norwegian Telemark Region and German Bavaria.

They strongly believe that Bavaria and Telemark are an excellent match for cooperative ventures.

Guidance for industrial collaboration between Telemark and Bavaria

In cooperation with Invest in Norway, Gard Madsen of Herøya Industripark AS has long been on the look-out for new industrial opportunities. This has resulted in a collaborative platform with German InSITE BAVARIA under Technical University of Munich International.

See great potential

They see great potential in the complementary skills of the two industrial regions. "We are good at processes and production while Bavaria is adept at commercializing products. We are convinced that closer cooperation with Bavaria will provide opportunities for new industrial development in a green circular economy at Herøya, in Telemark and in Bavaria," Madsen says.

"ReeTec and Yara's cooperation with British and German operations in a complete value chain is a good example of a practical green circular economy that is currently being developed at Herøya," Madsen says.

Strategic Partner

Per Stensland

Per Stensland, Invest in Norway

"Herøya Industrial Park is our strategic partner and showcase," says Per Stensland of Invest in Norway. "We are seeing enthusiastic German visitors coming to Herøya and saying, 'Wow, this is the real thing!' We want to help make Herøya industrial park an even stronger platform for the industrial circular economy, and one which the world will look up to," Stensland says.

Kristin Zwez

Kristin Zwez, Invest in Norway

"This is the start of a long-term cooperation that we hope will provide opportunities for both increased export potential and for attracting more foreign direct investment to Herøya, the Grenland district and Telemark," says Kristin Zwez, a special advisor based in Germany.

"Our cooperation with Herøya Industrial Park and InSITE BAVARIA will help strengthen the government's pro-German strategy," she says.

Get in touch

Gard Madsen has an active role in helping strengthen the industrial region through international industrial cooperation. "We and our esteemed partners at Invest in Norway and InSITE BAVARIA look forward to hearing from you."

Contact information: Gard Madsen Business Developer Tel.: +47 90 93 78 33

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