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Administration Herøya Industripark AS

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Hydrovegen 55, 3936 Porsgrunn, Norway

Strong investment appetite from the industrial park's owners – now Caverion is getting a new building

Sketch of the new building to be listed by Herøya Industripark AS for Caverion.

Oslo Pensjonsforsikring (OPF), which took over Herøya Industrial Park in mid-2016, has shown a strong appetite for investment. In two years, they have invested around NOK 100 million in the industrial park, and now Caverion is to have a new building.

“We wish to contribute to the industrial park’s development and to create interest in the area. This means that we’re contributing capital, board members, and operating and management expertise.” This was OPF’s management’s declared ambition when they took over the industrial park from Hydro.

NOK 100 million for new construction

Paul Børseth is portfolio manager for Property at OPF, and monitors the company's investments at Herøya and elsewhere where OPF has properties. 

OPF is delivering on its promise. Paul Børseth, portfolio manager for Property at OPF, refers to an investment list which so far amounts to around NOK 100 million. 

“The largest single investment is the acquisition of building 309, which was previously owned by Hallmakker. Now it’s owned by Herøya Industripark AS, and the entire building is leased to IBKA, part of the Norsk Gjenvinning Group,” says Paul Børseth. Building 309 is the large white, fabric-covered, specially-designed steel building located along Hydrovegen just south of the Research Park. 

“Another major investment is the purchase of the first two REC buildings, which were taken over in 2017. So far, the buildings are vacant, but now our marketing efforts will be ramped up even further,” says Gard Madsen, who heads business development at Herøya Industripark AS. “This is a modern, solid and flexible building that offers good opportunities for various different activities,” he emphasises.

New construction for Caverion 

Investment plans now include the construction of a new building for Caverion, which is growing out of its current premises in Herøya Industripark. The price is around NOK 18 million, according to Paul Børseth. 

“The building is just over 1,200 m2, as a combination building with offices, warehouse and workshop,” says Skjalg Aasland, who heads construction operations at Herøya Industripark AS. 

The building will be located at Roligheten in the industry park's peripheral zone, which, according to Aasland, is extremely suitable for service providers such as Caverion. The building will be located inside the industrial park's perimeter fence, but still with easy access from the outside. The work on the foundations has commenced, and according to the plan the building must be ready for occupation in Q2 2019.

“We're looking forward to the new building,” says the head of Caverion at Herøya, Stian Svendby. “We’ll get roomy premises with the facilities that we’re lacking today, including cloakrooms and a canteen. Many of our employees are on the road all day, so it’s important to have a place to meet for lunch, and facilities for people to shower and change,” says Svendby. 

“It’s great to have owners that are willing to invest.”

Gard Madsen heads business development at Herøya Industripark AS.

Business developer Gard Madsen is very pleased that the owners have the capital and the will to invest. 

“NOK 100 million in two years is a good basis for further development. As hosts, we must put the good ideas and projects into play, and make sure that they are achieved at Herøya,” he emphasises.

Paul Børseth confirms that OPF is keen to further develop the industrial park, and that there is capital available for good projects. 

“We assess the ideas that are put into play, to see whether they match the portfolio, and contribute to the industrial park’s growth. It’s also important that the industrial park’s many solid and long-term tenants stay with us and receive the support they need for their development and growth," Paul Børseth emphasises.

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