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Hydrovegen 55, 3936 Porsgrunn, Norway

Previous employees returned to RHI Normag at Herøya - full production before summer

Bilde av ledergruppe RHI Magnesita

The management of RHI Normag is looking forward to being a complete manufaturing team again. From left Stuart Ford, Managing Director, Victor Diaz, Production Manager, Vidar Lid, SCM and Sales Manager and Duncan Watson, Maintenance Manager.

"We need to get back in the market very soon, so we're lucky to have our experienced, former RHI employees back," says Stuart Ford, CEO.

Just two months after RHI Normag decided to restart the production of fused magnesia at Herøya, around 40 new employees have signed a new employment contract with RHI Normag, and over half of the 10 ovens have started production.

Almost complete team

"Most of the people coming back to participate in the restart of the factory are former RHI employees," says a highly satisfied plant manager, Stuart Ford. "Some had new jobs, but still chose to join us. We are lucky to have access to industrialists with such good skills".

"Now, we need to employ some key personnel on maintenance, and we'll be a complete manufacturing team of around 90 people," says Stuart.

Rapidly back in the market

"We got the opportunity due to market changes, which is happening in all business," says the chief executive. "Now we are rapidly going out to customers. We already deliver top quality from the Herøya plant and will increase deliveries in the future when all the furnaces come into production over the next 6-8 weeks.


- What are you doing for success?
- Teamwork, replies Stuart Ford promptly.
"We are going to run an open collaboration culture. We will get energy and dedication through good team play. Everyone will be a part of the team, says Scottish Stuart Ford. "Many of our employees have been with us since the start and know each other well, which is a great advantage".

"We are very pleased with our monthly production so far. We are also convinced that we have the potential to double this production in 2018, he says smiling.

photo of the fused magnesia factory

In the fused magnesia factory, over half of the 10 ovens are in production. Management is pleased with the monthly output, and believes that they have the potential to double it during the year.

A new drive

"This is a new drive for us in the factory, for our good partners in and outside Herøya Industrial Park, and for Porsgrunn and the region," says Stuart. He also emphasizes that the owner RHI Corporation believes in them and is willing to invest money in the factory.
"Now it is up to us to deliver. We have the knowledge and the technology, and with everyone on the team pulling I am convinced we will succeed in the market", he concluded.

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