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Pilot Arena Herøya will assist you in testing and developing your ideas

Do you have a research project or a business idea that you want to test on a larger scale - in a so-called pilot phase? Then establishing a pilot or demonstration plant in Herøya Industrial Park could be a significant step on the road to success.

Photo of the team: from left Skjalg Aasland, Thore Larsen, Arne J. Restad, all from Herøya Industrpark AS and Industrial Project Director Arild Berdalen

“We now have to rename the ‘REC 1 and 2 buildings’ the ‘NEL buildings’,” say a happy team from Herøya Industripark AS and NEL, who are meeting up for an inspection at the industrial hall.

Wednesday 04 March 2020

photo of two persons dressed in white uniforms holding the new product in a plastic container

Start-up company Funzionano, originating from SINTEF, has devised the formula for an exciting new project after just over a year working on piloting processes at Herøya Research Park

Tuesday 18 February 2020

Rolf Olaf Larsen og Suni Aranda

Asunción (Suni) Aranda, of the Norwegian Institute for Energy Technology (IFE), heads up the AlSiCal project, the aim of which is to develop and verify a technology for reducing the environmental impact from the production of aluminium, silica and calcium carbonate.

Thursday 14 November 2019

Model of facilities for magnesium and silica production in the next phase after the pilot.

Enova has granted a funding commitment of NOK 19.5 million to NorMag AS, for use in construction of a pilot facility for energy and climate-efficient production of magnesium and silica at Herøya. The facility will produce the world’s first CO2-free magnesium.

Friday 08 September 2017

Innovasjon Norge Telemark har bevilget 35 millioner kroner til teknologibedriften REEtec, som skal etablere et demonstrasjonsanlegg for separasjon av sjeldne jordarter i Herøya Industripark.
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