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Telephone numbers in the industrial park


35 56 41 00


032 47


51 99 00 00


065 00


35 57 33 00


22 53 81 00


35 00 60 00

RHI Magnesita:

480 99 500


24 15 70 00

Main Reception

35 92 65 02

Research Park

35 92 65 65

Herøya Industripark AS

35 92 65 00

Yara Porsgrunn

Yara is the world's leading supplier of mineral fertiliser and has a market share of approx. 8%. Together with Yara Sluiskil in the Netherlands, Yara Porsgrunn is the biggest of Yara International's production units.

The production of fertiliser at the Porsgrunn works helps satisfy the nutritional needs of more than 35 million people. The company's products are delivered all over the world, the biggest market being Asia, which buys over 25% of NPK (complete fertiliser) capacity each year.

Yara Porsgrunn consists of several factory units: A modern ammonia factory with a capacity of 530,000 t per year, three nitric acid factories with a capacity of 1.3 million t acid per year, two modern complete fertiliser (NPK) factories with a total capacity of about 2.0 million t NPK per year and a calcium nitrate factory with a capacity of about 1 million t per year.

Yara Porsgrunn also has plants which provide food producing and industrial companies with carbon dioxide (CO2), argon gas, nitrogen gas, oxygen gas, liquid fertiliser and odour control solutions. The company supplies ancillary substances such as steam and compressed air/instrument air to several companies in the industrial park, while its waste heat is delivered to Skagerak Varme, responsible for supplying Porsgrunn with district heating.

Yara Porsgrunn has about 450 employees and is the biggest production unit in Herøya Industrial Park. Yara Porsgrunn is led by Jon Sletten.  

Yara has also research and development activities in Herøya Industripark Park, Yara Technology Center, and corporate activities.

Tel.: +47 24157000/09272

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