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Norway's toughest flow environment has moved into Herøya Research Park

Acona Flow Technology recently moved into Herøya Research Park, coming back to an environment they feel at home in, and where several employees have previously worked.

Photo of Trygve Rinde, head of Acona Flow Technology

Trygve Rinde heads Acona Flow Technology, one of Norway's key players within advanced flow modelling.

Trygve Rinde describes the company as the "toughest in Norway" in its field of advanced flow modelling. 

Right location

After eight years at Klosterøya, the company has now become established in the research park that is part of Herøya Industrial Park.

"We are very pleased with our new location in Herøya Research Park," says Trygve Rinde.

"More than half of our tasks are related to research and development. In many ways we have operated in the 'shadow land' up until now, and we are really looking forward to becoming established here, in this environment, which is where we belong and intend to stay," he says. 

He adds that Acona was very well looked after at Klosterøya, but the new location in close proximity to research and development presents greater synergies. 

Contributing to professional breadth

The hosts at Herøya Industrial Park are also very pleased to have Acona located in the Research Park. 

"They contribute to greater diversity and professional breadth in the range of services offered, for the benefit of the established industrial companies in the park," says Gard Madsen, head of Establishment and Development at Herøya Industripark AS. He welcomes more companies of this type to the industrial park.

Special and heavy-duty

Acona Flow Technology delivers modelling and simulation services to a wide range of customers and sectors, a professional field described by Trygve Rinde as rather "special and heavy-duty".

"Our business model is to offer a highly specialised field of competence that it is not always worthwhile for the customer to have internally. Our customers will experience greater accessibility, broader experience and superior calculation capacity compared to building up this type of competence internally," he emphasises.

Expensive expertise

Today the company has 13 employees. half of whom hold PhDs, and the group has an average of 20 years' experience in the industry. "It's easy to see us as a group of 'old men', even though we also have women on the team," smiles Trygve Rinde.

Trygve Rinde and colleagues from Acona.

Trygve Rinde with a group of colleagues. From the left, Pouria Homayonifar, Tron Solberg, Lars Solli, Trygve Rinde and Jon Gunnerød.

"We have expensive expertise and costly equipment, and just in the last year we have invested NOK 15 million, so that we now have advanced software and a very strong hardware park". He points out that customers have access to these investments, from which they can reap the full benefit.

60% of the company's assignments relate to oil and gas customers, and the rest concern industrial customers.

From Hydro to Acona

Several of Acona's employees previously worked at the former Hydro research centre at Herøya. When parts of Hydro were divested and the researchers went to Yara, Statoil and Ineos, the professional environments were split up and reduced. 

"Two to three people were left in the individual areas. which is not enough to ensure a professional environment." After a few years of commuting between operations and research, I decided that we had to build this professional environment ourselves, and I recruited the first people, thereby creating Acona Flow Technology," Rinde concludes. 

The company holds ISO 9001 certification and is part of Acona Gruppen in Stavanger, a company with around 450 employees.

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