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New five-year agreement between Bilfinger and Yara celebrated with gigantic cake

”Both Yara and Bilfinger have good reasons to congratulate ourselves with the agreement we have just made. There are three main reasons why we have chosen Bilfinger as our maintenance supplier: They are good with HMS, they deliver quality and are extremely good at reacting quickly when problems occur in our production plant.”

maintenance agreement between Yara and Bilfinger was celebrated with a gigantic cake.

The maintenance agreement between Yara and Bilfinger was celebrated with a gigantic cake. From left to right: section manager at Bilfinger, Gunnar Bråthen, maintenance manager at Yara Porsgrunn, Ann Balgaard Eriksen, Bilfingers customer contact manager at Yara Norway AS, Helge Forsaa and manager of Bilfinger Industrial Services, Norway, Paul Rune Aasrum.

Said maintenance manager at Yara Porsgrunn, Ann Balgaard Eriksen at Bilfinger’s cake celebration recently.

Grenland’s biggest layer cake was rolled into the workshop at Herøya when employees from Bilfinger and Yara gathered together to celebrate the signing of a new contract between the two companies.

Important agreement

The contract concerns the maintenance of Yaras factories at Porsgrunn and Glomfjord for the next five years and is worth around NOK 500 million. It is the biggest contract Bilfinger has signed in Norway in recent years. In addition, to maintenance, the contract also provides Bilfinger with the opportunity for modification and project work.

”This is an important agreement for both Porsgrunn and Glomfjord, and secures between 200 and 300 jobs for the next five years alone,” said Paul Rune Aasrum, manager for Bilfinger Industrial Services, Norway.

Employees are the best sales team

”Maintenance contracts are the basis for our business with industrial companies and the contract with Yara is the biggest and most comprehensive. It also provides the possibility of exciting projects and development work with Yara for years to come. It will also help us to develop our competences and grow organisation so we are more attractive for new customers,” he said.

Gunnar Bråthen, section manager at Bilfinger Porsgrunn also praised the quality and skills of the employees.

 ”Our employees are actually our best sales team, quite simply because they get the job done. For Yara, this means quality in our deliveries, smoother operations reduced maintenance costs and greater production,” he said.

Qualified supplier

Yara is extremely pleased that the contract with Bilfinger has been extended by five years.

”The continued raisnig of standards at our plant requires good cooperation and continuity at work. Good maintenance and well-implemented projects, increased safety, better environmental results and increased production. We look forward to a new period with Bilfinger at our plant,” said Per Knudsen, plant manager at Yara Porsgrunn.

Helge Forsaa, Bilfinger’s customer contact manager at Yara Norway AS, emphasised that Yara has high standards for Bilfinger to live up to, both as supplier and partner.

”Both the main contract and subsidiary agreements have strict parameters that must be followed closely during the contract period. Yara is a very demanding customer that places specific demands on us as an organisation, which also means that we improve ourselves,” he said.

The contract includes mechanical, building and automation maintenance. This means that Bilfinger will be supplying services for almost all professional areas.

”It’s a good situation to be in,” concluded Forsaa.

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