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Hydrovegen 55, 3936 Porsgrunn, Norway

Yara’s NOK 1.5 bn “Bamboo” project at Herøya under development

Yara’s project organisation is in full swing with a main study for increased production at Yara’s factories in Herøya Industrial Park. Bamboo is well-known for its rapid growth, and Yara Bamboo is the name of the company’s growth strategy.

Projectgroup, from left: Aron Toth, Dag Bruun, Sigve Tengs, Arne Pinto De Carvalho, Fabio Renzi, William van der Brande, Mohammad Fathi, Tomas Skocovsky, Andre de Smet, Reidun Pihl, Hatem Ouaja, Ole Martin Bakkerud and Jostein Braaten.


“All projects at Yara which contribute to rapid growth have been subsumed under this concept,” explains Project Manager Josten Braaten, who is responsible for two of the three projects at Yara Porsgrunn Bamboo.

Investment of NOK 1.5 bn
In December last year, the Yara Board gave the go-ahead for the main study for increased production at Porsgrunn. The study will be ready by the 3rd quarter of this year and form the basis for a final decision on whether to assign funds to the expansion. The cost of the three projects has been estimated at NOK 1.5 bn.

Yara’s project organisation, with both its own and contract skills, has now been established in an office building in Herøya Industrial Park. Eventually the organisation will employ about 30 persons, divided among the three part-projects: a new nitric acid factory, the expansion of the complete fertiliser factory and the expansion of the calcium nitrate factory.

Tear down, build new and modify
Braaten, from the Yara Project Office in Brussels, is leading the main study for the last two part-projects, which are being run by Yara in its own name, along with some contract engineers from Bilfinger and other places. The acid factory study has been commissioned separately from Espindesa in Spain.

In terms of implementation, the new acid factory is the largest of the projects. “The plan is to tear down the old factory and build a new one,” Braaten explains.

The expansion of the complete fertiliser factory will require a new building in front of the existing Complete Fertiliser Factory 3, together with modifications to Complete Fertiliser Factory 2.

“Increased production of calcium nitrate will require upgrading of the existing factory within the current building and a large, new storage silo outside,” Braaten says.

The Project Manager frankly admits that Bamboo Porsgrunn is an enormous project, with three simultaneous part-projects interacting with each other in the building phase. “According to plan, we start demolition of the acid factory at the end of 2014. Following this comes the site preparation and construction of a new building at Complete Fertiliser Factory 3 and a new silo. In parallel, construction of the new acid factory will start.”

And while all this is going on, current production continues as normal.

“When do you expect to achieve the new capacity?”

“We shan’t be able to fully exploit the new capacity until the new acid factory is up and running, which is planned to happen in 2016,” Braaten says.

If the investment goes ahead, it will have an effect not just on Porsgrunn, but also contribute to higher production in Glomfjord and at Yara’s plant in Finland, as surplus nitric acid can be transferred there.

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Yaras Bamboo-prosjekter i Herøya Industripark

Overview of Yara’s Bamboo projects at Herøya Industrial Park, which will result in increased production of Complete Fertiliser, nitric acid and calcium







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