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Start-up of Trainee Telemark on 1 March

Trainee Telemark has secured five able candidates for the trainee scheme due to start on 1 March. The trainees will be a good match for the companies in the scheme, including EVRY and Herøya Industripark AS at Herøya. The candidates have an international background and high-level Norwegian qualifications.


Jan Inge Galtung Nilsen is the Project Manager for Trainee Telemark, which will start on 1 March. 

Trainee Telemark is a regional trainee scheme which takes on Master's graduates for a period of 18 months in three different businesses within the region. The purpose is to attract highly qualified promising young people to the area in order to strength the region and its industry. Companies within the region will gain a richer recruitment base while the trainee will embark on an exciting, attractive and value-adding career start.

“We have surveyed the needs of the companies in the scheme and are in the final stages of identifying the right candidates for the right company. By 1 March, all the candidates will be in place,” says Project Manager for Trainee Telemark, Jan Inge Galtung Nilsen. 

Scheme with several aims
Trainee Telemark is a regional trainee programme – a cooperative project between companies in the region supported by Telemark County Council, Telemark University College (HiT) and “Growth in Grenland”.

“The purpose is to strengthen competition by giving Telemark businesses access to highly qualified workers who would otherwise have ended in other regions. At the same time it benefits Telemark County because more people with high qualifications are settling here. We give the trainee an exciting and attractive entry into working life and a future career,” Galtung Nilsen explains.

Both experience from recent years and statistics show that Telemark businesses need to raise skills levels in their workforce. They are now making a joint effort to do just that. “Migration in Telemark is mainly between the individual districts, with little new blood coming in. The areas around us are growing, while Telemark is standing still in population terms,” Galtung Nilsen says.

Work opportunities and a good place to live.
“We are being overtaken by others in the race for attractive workplaces. We need to secure a higher proportion of highly qualified workers, which is why we are working together on the Trainee Telemark project,” Galtung Nilsen says.

“There are several businesses in the region with their own trainee schemes. Naturally enough, they are keen to recruit able employees to their own company. At Trainee Telemark we profile the region as an attractive area to settle in. We also want the scheme to help businesses to develop into better and more attractive employers.”

Three different companies
For 18 months the trainees will each try out three different companies within their specialist area. They will be able to prove their worth to three potential employers. Similarly the companies will be able to show what they can do and to fight for the best candidates. The scheme will allow both trainees and companies to get to know each other.

Trainee Telemark started searching for trainees in November-December last year. 43 candidates applied, of whom 13 went through to a final round where they had an opportunity to present themselves. Five of them will now receive an offer of a trainee position from 1 March and eighteen months onwards. In September, a fresh call for new trainees will be made.

The trainees receive guidance in how to be a good employee, and companies receive guidance in developing their skills as employers. The guidance is administered in cooperation with Telemark University College.

“This is a unique scheme which we are certain will achieve good results. We can see this in other Norwegian regions, such as Sørlandet, which has run the scheme for several years,” the Project Manager concludes.

Read more on the Trainee Telemarks website. 



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