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Growth company Baze Technology enjoying success

Baze Technology has taken the lead in the infotainment sector with IPTV (internet TV reception) for offshore industries and wind farms, and is making fresh strides from its new head office near the Telemarksporten Tunnel. “Herøya Industrial Park as a base location and facilitator has played an important role in our development,” says General Manager Sigurd Juvik.



Sigurd Juvik, Baze Technology, tidligere Herøya Industripark

Sigurd Juvik in the bright, open-plan newly built offices near the Telemarksporten Tunnel.

Baze Technology has experienced meteoric progress since establishment in Herøya Industrial Park in 2007. In six years it has gone from mainly selling consultancy services to large Norwegian industrial companies (e.g. Yara, Statoil, Gassco) to selling products for ships, oil rigs and supply ships, and for wind farms in Asia and Northern Europe.

The company’s rapid development originates from Baze’s head office in Herøya, where the industrial park has been a valued partner and facilitator.

Key players
According to Juvik the three most important key players for development of a business are the bank, Innovation Norway and the provider of premises and facilities.

“The Industrial Park was a great help to us in the transition to a product-based company. They found us warehousing space and made the necessary arrangements,” Juvik recalls. “Without Herøya as a trusted facilitator we would never have developed so quickly.”

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Continued growth
Baze has become a significant and growing product-based company. The need for an integrated, efficient, single-location solution, with office, meeting room, warehouse and testing workshop and with easy customer access had become pressing.

“We considered several alternatives and decided to build from scratch at Moheim near the E18 and the Telemarksporten Tunnel,” Juvik relates, having recently moved in with his 23 colleagues.

According to Juvik, newbuild was both appropriate and sensible, providing opportunities for growth and expansion on the same site.

Sigurd Juvik, Baze Technology

Sigurd Juvik has high hopes for a good year for Baze Technology 

A firm foothold
From its beginnings as a start-up, the company is well on the way to becoming a solidly established industrial business.

“Instead of selling ‘one-of-a-kind’ solutions to each customer, Blaze products are now in use on over 80 rigs and supply ships throughout the world, and in more than 50 wind parks and pilot plants in Northern Europe,” Juvik says.

Good prospects
Juvik has high hopes for a good year. The company’s turnover has doubled since 2007, from NOK 18 m to almost 40 m in 2013.

“We have had many orders ticking in, and our order book is bulging,” he says with a contented smile. “It has been a fantastic December! But things have not always been so bright, and 2009 was very difficult. It took until 2012 before the situation really started to loosen up,” Juvik says.

“How do you keep motivated during the tough periods?”

“We press on as dedicated colleagues, taking one year at a time. We keep up the momentum, take the offensive, and make sure the company finances are always in order,” he says. According to Juvik, this is the most important factor.

“We took on several new colleagues last year who have introduced new skills, while the rest of us provide the continuity. We are totally dependent on every member of staff making their contribution,” he adds. Out of five new recruits, four are families with local roots who are returning to their homes in Bamble, Porsgrunn, Kragerø and Larvik.

Market leader
And that has given results. Baze has become the market leader in the IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) sector, with its Port product for maritime and offshore customers (including rigs and supply ships). The company’s products have become well known from its active participation in the major international fairs and in selected Asian countries, where the company has taken a leading position with Baze Port. Most of the extra sales come from abroad.

“Baze Port is like an advanced TV, but with much more content,” Juvik explains. In addition to TV and entertainment, it includes safety systems, telephone solutions, operating systems, etc. With the Baze Port content service, it is possible to see a Norwegian football match on TV from a platform in Brazil.

“We supply turnkey solutions with software and hardware,” he says. “Our biggest and only competitor is the old technology.”

The Baze Wind product for wind farms is also experiencing growth.







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