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Telephone numbers in the industrial park


35 56 41 00


032 47


51 99 00 00


065 00


35 57 33 00


22 53 81 00


35 00 60 00

RHI Magnesita:

480 99 500


24 15 70 00

Main Reception

35 92 65 02

Research Park

35 92 65 65

Herøya Industripark AS

35 92 65 00

Steuler Solar Technology

Steuler Solar GmbH has developed and patented a new generation of crucibles for producing wafers for the solar panel industry. In 2012, its subsidiary Steuler Solar Technology AS established a pilot production of crucibles in the Herøya Industrial Park.

This crucible will make an important contribution to reducing production costs for clean solar energy. The new crucibles are based on advanced ceramics, and unlike the crucibles in the current wafer industry, they can be reused several times. This means big cost savings for the wafer industry.

Other advantages of the crucibles are enhanced cleanness and better control of the crystallisation process. This will give the wafers a higher quality and significantly improve the power output of the solar panels. This makes Steuler Solar Technology a factor in reducing CO2 and helps create sustainable development.

During the pilot phase, new production technology for future full-scale industrial production of the crucibles will be developed.

Steuler Solar Technology is part of the German Steuler Group, which has a turnover of EUR 450 m per year, and more than 2000 employees.

Jan Sandmo
Phone: +47 901 24 241

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