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Administration Herøya Industripark AS

Phone: +47 35 92 65 00  


Hydrovegen 55, 3936 Porsgrunn, Norway

"The ideal project would be to get the rig sent here!"

"In the Grenland area, we have comprehensive resources of skilled workers, technical expertise, quay facilities and indoor areas for the complete overhaul of rigs, so the dream situation would to be bring the oil rig here," says Dag Tore Johnsen (photo) of Bilfinger OTAC at Herøya.

OTAC - Offshore Turnaround and Consultancy - is gearing up for the offshore industry's big turnaround year in 2014.  

"We are already in the planning phase," says Dag Tore Johnsen of Bilfinger OTAC. "It will be a challenge, but the capacity and potential cooperation partners are all here."

He explains about the network of professionals from 17 or 18 other Bilfinger workshops and from customers in Norway and Sweden. He also has 100 technicians for rotating equipment.    

The capacity is in place
"We have the capacity, the trade professionals and the resources at Bilfinger Industrial Services. In cooperation with others, for example Herøya Industrial Park, Vard, Bravida and Agility, we can provide a full range of services," Johnsen assures us.

"The ideal project would be to get a rig delivered  here. That is something we shall have to convince the operators about," he continues enthusiastically.

OTAC's 43 consultants, planners and project managers are specialists in rotating equipment and project consultancy at Bilfinger Industrial Services, which has just changed its name from BIS.

In the loop from the start
The concept of early project participation has borne fruit. OTAC is growing both in turnover and number of employees. Today, Bilfiinger is a long-term partner for offshore and land-based industry, for instance by means of framework agreements with Statoil, Ineos and Yara.

"Here at OTAC, we sell our skills rather than our labour, and we call in other parts of Bilfinger on special assignment. We are in the loop from the start, from project and consultancy activities to condition monitoring and follow-up," Johnsen explains. "We have been doing the same for over 20 years now."

Increasing requirements
According to Johnsen, the requirement for turnover services is increasing. "The industry needs help at an early stage, not least for general maintenance services. We help customers with management, improvements, planning and execution," he explains.

OTAC operates throughout the Nordic Region and provides many services to refineries in Norway (Monstad), Sweden (Gøteborg, Lysekil), Finland and Denmark.  

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BILFINGER OTAC (Offshore Turnaround and Consultancy), is a division of Bilfinger Industrial Services Norway.

The Division currently has 43 consultants, planners and project managers. They are specialists in rotating equipment, and in project consultancy and consultancy services within the fields of maintenance optimisation and HSE&Q.

OTAC offers and exports multi-disciplinary expertise in network-based assignments. Personnel flexibility is a strength. Runs courses, simulator training, emergency preparedness and stress courses and special courses for operational personnel.

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