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Administration Herøya Industripark AS

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Hydrovegen 55, 3936 Porsgrunn, Norway

Found their jobs for the future

They’ve found their jobs for the future at Yara in Porsgrunn. Linn Køtterheinrich, strategic buyer, and Hege Støkke Sundsaasen, assistant shift manager at the ammonia plant, are both keen to work for a progressive company offering lots of opportunities. 

Linn Køtterheinrich (right) and Hege Støkke Sundsaasen, who have been working for three months and one year respectively at Yara in Porsgrunn, are both absolutely certain that they’ve found their dream jobs.

International opportunities
Linn Køtterheinrich, an economist specialising in purchasing and logistics, is pleased with her choice. “Yara focuses on the future and invests in research and development, and I work as part of an international team,” she explains. “It’s great to be part of a large company offering lots of opportunities.”

Linn Køtterheinrich started working as a strategic buyer in January 2013. She works as part of a team of five or six people and is responsible for buying chemicals and additives from local and international suppliers for Porsgrunn. They meet up at regular intervals for “benchmarking” and exploiting economies of scale for Yara.

Specialising in the job
Hege Støkke Sundsaasen, assistant shift manager at the ammonia plant since May 2012, came to the company from SIC. She thought she’d chosen the industry of the future with SIC, but with Yara she knows she has. And she’s particularly pleased to have got a foot in the door at the ammonia plant.

According to Støkke Sundsaasen, rumour had it that the ammonia plant didn’t accept female apprentices in the 1990s. “I reacted quite vehemently to that, and that’s probably what’s inspired me ever since. And that’s why I’m particularly pleased to have got in here, and now you see girls on every shift,” says this assistant shift manager, who’s set her sights high and wants to become an even better manager.

Advanced education
She’s currently studying technology management at Bergen University College, and commutes every five weeks to attend study groups.

“I think it’s important for managers to receive training on management and to renew their skills occasionally. Things do change, so it’s good to top up your knowledge and meet other people,” says Støkke Sundsaasen, who’s delighted that Yara facilitates training.

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