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Administration Herøya Industripark AS

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Hydrovegen 55, 3936 Porsgrunn, Norway

Consortium shows strong interest in Herøya Industrial Park

A consortium consisting of the Porsgrunn Local Authority, regional, national and international actors has expressed an interest in taking over Hydro’s ownership interests in Herøya. The initiative came after Hydro’s announcement that it wants to sell the company. 

Interest group: From left, Øystein Beyer, Mayor of Porsgrunn, Per Knudsen, Plant Manager at Yara, Øyvind Solbakken, Business Manager of Porsgrunn Local Authority, Geir Kulås, Group Director of Skagerak Energi, Per Wold, Chief Administrative Officer of Porsgrunn Local Authority, Erik Bystrøm, Deputy Mayor of Porsgrunn Local Authority, Helge Wesseltoft, Project Manager at Yara and Stine Karlsen, Process Engineer at Yara (Photo by Hege Schjøth Øverås, Porsgrunn Local Authority)

Hydro currently owns and runs Herøya Industrial Park and Herøya Nett, and is a shareholder in Herøya Næringspark AS.

A powerful group
Porsgrunn, as the host local authority, and the other participants in the consortium who now want to take over Hydro’s activities on Herøya, all have an interest in ensuring long-term ownership that will provide continued capacity for growth, reliability and competitive terms for the many businesses that are established in the park.

The members of the consortium are Yara Norge AS, SIVA (Selskapet for industrivekst, Company for Industrial Growth), Skagerak Energi AS, Bilfinger (Bilfinger Industrial Services Nordic Holding AS) and Porsgrunn Local Authority. They presented their plans at a press conference this afternoon at Herøya.

Looking to the long term
The consortium has worked together since the autumn of 2012 in order to organise the acquisition of Hydro’s operations in Porsgrunn.

Herøya Industrial Park is a cornerstone in Porsgrunn, and, with its infrastructure, it is also extremely important regionally and nationally. The consortium would like to help to ensure that the park, with its capacity for growth, develops further and that it has long-term owners who want to make further investments.

A future in safe hands
Thor Oscar Bolstad, Director of Herøya Industrial Park, views the initiative as an acknowledgment of the work accomplished in the industrial park in recent years. But he emphasises the fact that Hydro has not taken a formal decision to sell the industrial park.

He says: Provided that the company decides to sell, we consider the consortium a good future owner.

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