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Administration Herøya Industripark AS

Phone: +47 35 92 65 00  


Hydrovegen 55, 3936 Porsgrunn, Norway

Incubator company offers gift package to trade and industry

The region’s new industry incubator established at Herøya is offering a gift package to trade and industry. “Companies participating in ownership will have the opportunity to develop their own business as well as helping to promote others,” says Jørn Roar Bamle, project member and partner from Vekst i Grenland.

Jørn Roar Bamle, Vekst i Grenland (left) and Rolf Olaf Larsen, Herøya Industrial Park, hold overall responsibility for establishment.

Industry incubator Herøya became reality on 5 December, when SIVA allocated a sum of NOK 5 million. An incubator company is being established, a formal Board meeting is planned to take place in late February 2013, and the search for a general manager has begun. The new incubator company has the entire county as its catchment area, and will work in partnership with players in Grenland, Rjukan, Notodden and Kongsberg. The company’s head office will be established at Herøya Industrial Park. 

Invitation to trade and industry
There has been a lot of interest from players in trade and industry throughout the county since the project got off the ground. Companies are now being invited to participate in the ownership of the new company. “A finance package in place for establishment and operation has given trade and industry a powerful tool for industrial growth,” says Bamle, who will be meeting a number of companies together with Rolf Olaf Larsen, Herøya Industrial Park, over the coming couple of months.

Interested companies wishing to find out more about the options for entering into ownership are encouraged to get in touch. Bamle indicates that shares upwards of NOK 50 000 are of interest.

Current owners are SIVA, Herøya Industrial Park AS, Vekst i Grenland, Telemark County Council, Telemark University College and others. As well as providing share capital, the owners are contributing resources in the form of skills.

Give good reasons to participate
SIVA lists five good reasons for running an incubator. All of them involve development of industry and companies to help them survive longer.  

“This is a unique opportunity to participate in ownership from the outset,” explains Bamle with enthusiasm. “For instance, a company could use the incubator to run a separate project which is lifted back into the company, or to other spinoff companies. Access to skills and insight into other exciting projects and opportunities for cooperation are also available.

Commitment from industry is an important element in access to projects and skills.”

Active assistance
The industry incubator will actively assist concept originators and creativity and innovation projects in need of skills and resources for further development of their business concepts.

For established companies, the incubator will help to develop concepts which can be implemented later in ongoing business, or in new spinoff companies.

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