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Green light for CO2 capture project

The pilot plant for CO2 capture constructed at Herøya has provided such good results that Gassnova has given the green light for the next phase in the project. The completed tests show that the concept is able to capture 90 % of the CO2 in various types of waste gases. 


The CO2 capture project will proceed to the next phase in which investment and operating costs are calculated and compared with other known CO2 removal technologies. The aim is to develop and construct an efficient full-scale plant for CO2 capture which has lower investment and operating costs than comparable plants elsewhere in the world.

"The advantage of this plant is that it is equally efficient with low and high CO2 concentrations, which means the plant can be adapted and dimensioned for different types of industry," is Project Leader Birger Langseth's enthusiastic comment.

The project will now proceed from operation in a self-built pilot plant to process simulation and optimisation. Results from the pilot study will be used for simulating and dimensioning the plant and thus providing data for the financial calculations. The results will be ready by the end of 2012.

"The results will need to be more than marginally better than, for instance, Mongstad, if we are to go on to build a complete pilot plant," Langseth explains. "The provisional calculations indicate that we are competitive, but many others are working in the field."

If all goes as Langseth hopes, construction of a complete pilot plant can start in 2013, and be ready in 2014. Only after the whole concept has been tested on this pilot plant, will it be clear if this process can be used in a full-scale plant. A verified  full-scale concept is not to be expected before 2015.

"This is the type of pilot plant we hope can be built at Herøya, and to finance it we shall need help from both Gassnova and other industrial partners," Langseth says. 

Creative recycling for the environment
After Gassnova granted funds for testing of the CO2 capture project in June 2011, it took just six months to build the pilot plant. Funds for building the actual plant were short, so Langseth, together with Tord Hansen and Tore Erling-Jørgensen, had to use all their creative cunning in recycling discarded industrial equipment.  By 22 December, the pilot plant was ready, at a fraction of what it would have cost with new parts.

"We are working for the environment!" the men proudly claim, with reference to what they have achieved with recycled equipment. "But we must also mention that we have had lots of help from the industrial network here, and assistance from the Industrial Park in the form of our own heated room." The cooperative environment at Herøya has been an important factor for achieving their goal.  

Facts on the CO2 capture project:
Phase 1 and 2: 2011-2012. Construction of  pilot plant. Test operation of pilot plant. Process simulation and calculation of investment and operating costs. Total budget: NOK 3.7 m. Mainly financed by Gassnova.

Phase 3: 2013-2015. Construction and testing of complete pilot plant. Investments are expected to amount to well over NOK 100 m. Will need industrial partners in addition to Gassnova to achieve this.

Process owner: SilicaTech, with Tord Hansen from SilicaTech as Task Manager.

Project Manager: Birger Langseth, BIS Production Partner.

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