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Power couple receives award for energy smart solution

gruppebilde fem personer eier av pumpestasjon og leverandør av energioptimaliseringstjeneste

Runs energy smart: From left Audun Elvik Thorsen, Herøya Industripark AS (HIP), Rune Ebersten, Head of Electrical HIP, Petter Thomassen, Opt-E, Tone Rabe, HIP and Anders Jørstad, Opt-E, runs 7 of some of Norway's largest cooling water pumps energy smart in the pumping station at Herøya.

Herøya Industripark AS and Opt-E quickly obtained energy gains through cooperation. Now they are running the industrial park's cooling water pumps more energy efficiently than ever. And receives an award.

During Industriuka in October, the two partners were awarded Industrial Green Tech's "Power Couple" award. They received the award for their collaboration in digitizing pump operation by using the Smartsave® system from Opt-E. Together with Herøya Industripark AS, Opt-E has developed a concept that provides a reliable and energy-optimal delivery of cooling and process water. Smartsave is a digital subscription service (SAAS Software As A Service) that promises to save energy, money and the environment.

Since the two companies started the collaboration in 2017, the energy consumption for pumping cooling water in from Norsjø and out to the consumers in the industrial park has been significantly reduced.

four men on stage two holding a big check

Awarded: Herøya Industripark AS and Opt-E recently received the Industrial Green Tech Award for "power couple", typically large and small companies that work together to solve a problem. Happy prize winners from right Erik Magelsen, Opt-E and Asgeir Knutsen, Herøya Industripark AS, together with prize givers Tryggve Moe, bank manager at Sparebanken sør and Jarann Wold Pettersen, Industrial Green Tech.

SmartSave optimization system

SmartSave is an optimization system for the operation of pumps and motors in the pump station, with a focus on safe and stable operation and low energy consumption. The system was put into use in the spring of 2021. Fine-tuning is now underway to find the best solutions for all operating situations.

Big energy gains

"The recommendations from Opt-E quickly obtained energy gains," says Tone Rabe, head of Property Operations at Herøya Industripark AS.

 Petter Thomassen, technical manager at Opt-E, believes it is possible to optimize even more.

"We believe that further gains of 15-20 percent are realistic when we reach the finish line. We cannot push energy consumption below what is smart in relation to vibrations. So now we are working to collect more data we can use to find the right balance between vibrations and energy use," he explains.

wto men standing and talking on a bridge above the pumping plant

Petter Thomassen, Opt-E and Audun Elvik Thorsen, Herøya Industripark AS, study and discuss the pumping system.

The pumping plant on Herøya is large and with complex connections. A total of 7 cooling water pumps, considered among Norway's largest, pump large amounts of cooling water in and out of the pumping station. Every year, the pumping station uses about as much electricity as a thousand Norwegian average detached houses.

Guided for more optimal operation

Property Operations has had a good collaboration with Herøya Nett in this work. Herøya Nett is responsible for monitoring and operating the facility. "They have contributed a lot and especially Dag Jøran Myrvang has been a very good resource for implementing the system," says Rabe.

Six operators in the operations center at Herøya Nett control the dynamics of the pumps and how they interact, via screens developed together with the Opt-E team.

"The screens are easy to read, even for those who do not have in-depth insight into pump dynamics. Here, operators receive messages and guidance to manage operations optimally," says Jørstad, Opt-E.

three men in fron of a monitor

Optimal control: Operator Harald A. Sæle, Herøya Nett AS, and the Opt-E team Thomassen and Jørstad discuss optimal control of the pumps.

Control system first - then water consumption

"Once the system is implemented in the pump station we can move on," says Tone Rabe and colleague Audun Elvik Thorsen, responsible for operation and maintenance of infrastructure in the industrial park.

"Water has become a resource with scarcity," the Herøya duo explains. "Primarily, we are looking at optimal operation in the pumping station, but the idea is that we will develop this further so that the companies become more aware of their own water consumption."


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