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Great cheers as Equinor celebrated new laboratories in Herøya Research Park

the boss serves cake

Official opening new laboratories: from right, Eirik Lunde, head of Equinor's lab and test facilities in the Research Park at Herøya in Porsgrunn, and Tove Kilen, two from right, head of the upgrade project, Herøya Industripark AS, celebrates the opening of new laboratories in Herøya Research park with cake.

Researchers and engineers at Equinor rejoice over new laboratories and celebrated the opening in Herøya Research Park last week.

Equinor's new laboratories in Herøya Research Park were celebrated with words of praise, flowers, string cutting, cakes and visits to state-of-the-art laboratory facilities.

Thank you!

Eirik Lunde, manager of Equinor's lab and test facilities at Herøya, thanked all who have contributed from Equinor, Bilfinger and especially from Herøya Industripark AS.

"Thanks to Herøya Industripark AS who has been the builder and actually took large parts of the investment costs we needed to realize this. And thanks for lots of inspiration from Yara's recently remodeled labs."

Equinor's new laboratory facilities in the research park are part of Herøya Industripark AS 'strategic commitment to build new and modernize for laboratory, research and innovation environments at Herøya. And is also part of realizing the major investment Seidr Herøya.

six persons standing in the new lab

Happy tenants and builder in Equinor's state-of-the-art laboratories in Herøya Research Park. In front from left, Skjalg Aasland and Tove Kilen, Herøya Industripark AS, together with Equinor's management for lab and test facilities, from left at back, Arve Rennemo, Laila Henriksen, Eirik Lunde and Kristin Reiersølmoen, laboratory manager.

Great teamwork

Tove Kilen from Herøya Industripark AS, who has led the upgrade project of 500 square meters of new laboratory facilities, talks about good collaboration with Equinor's researchers and engineers.

"Now that Equinor has taken the laboratories into use, it's great to see they are so pleased with the new workplace," says Tove Kilen. "Equinor has chosen many of the same solutions for laboratory cabinets, benches and ventilation that were used in upgrading Yara's laboratories a couple of years ago," says the project manager.

five persons standing in new lab facilities

Pleased with new and better lab facilities. Inn front from right Else Austad Brakstad, Kristine Tindeland Pedersen, at back from left Arve Rennemo, Equinor, Skjalg Aasland and Tove Kilen, both Herøya Industripark AS.

Top modern and all in one place

Equinor's new state-of-the-art equipped laboratories are gathered on one floor in Herøya Research Park.

"What do new labs mean to you?"

"It means a lot," says Else Austad Brakstad, laboratory engineer, one of the key participants in planning the renovation. "The fact that we now can work more closely together in a smaller area is very important. In the past, we have been scattered around the building. Co-location is positive both for the social environment and I also believe for economic gains, that we become even more efficient."

Like restarting

"Not least, we have had the opportunity to clear away everything old that was here, from the dawn of time, and which has taken up a lot of space," the lab engineer continues. Austad Brakstad has 30 years of experience. "It's like starting up again. Everything is new and better."

two men, flowers, opening new labs
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six persons in new lab
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