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More and more of EUs Green Deal projects are being realized at Herøya

portrait of man smiling yellow jacket white hard hat

Sverre Gotaas, CEO at Herøya Industripark AS. Photo: Tom Riis

More and more leading Norwegian research communities, industrial companies and others are demanding Herøya's test opportunities, expertise and infrastructure.

They all want to participate in the quest to be the first to realize EU-funded and Norwegian major innovation initiatives in the green shift. The interest in Herøya Industrial Park as a living lab area is increasing.

Last week, Sverre Gotaas, CEO of Herøya Industripark AS, congratulated SINTEF Industri on a new large 40 million Euro EU-funded project, PyroCO₂. Test operations in demo facilities that will show how CO2-eating bacteria can produce chemicals, and turn CO2 into a new raw material for new products, so-called CCU (Carbon Capture Utilization), will take place at Herøya.

Reinforces a trend

– This is great news, Sverre Gotaas says satisfied. – This reinforces a trend we see now. We notice that Herøya is attractive for realizing the green industry of the future.

Together with the large industrial companies and the supplier industry, it is natural that we take a position that no one else has taken.

In recent years, the interest and influx of innovation projects has accelerated.

Leading research communities such as SINTEF Industri, IFE and other public and private industry players and larger companies such as Telenor, Applied Autonomy / Vy, Yara, NOAH, Elkem and more, are coming to Herøya with major innovation projects they want to realize through building new factories, demo plants, pilot factories or carry out test operations at Herøya Industrial Park.

The competence and living lab

– Successful test operations and the construction of new industry is more about knowledge than technology, Gotaas believes.  

 – We offer industrial expertise and Herøya as a living lab area. The infrastructure established and built up here over many years has great value for new innovation projects. Together with the large industrial companies and the supplier industry, it is natural that we take a position that no one else has taken. Then we engage strategically and invest aggressively together with SINTEF, Proventia, the industrial cluster and more, to create a cluster of expertise that can contribute. We have brought with us strong innovators in our commitment to expanding for more industrial innovation.

Herøya Industripark AS plans to build a new place that has been named Seidr, Norse for "where the future is created".

Green EU initiatives for Herøya

Several large green EU initiatives are being realized at Herøya.

The PyroCO2 project is the third in a series of EU projects SINTEF is ticking in, and where testing in demo facilities will take place at Herøya. The other two are Circular Economy SecREEts and DiY4U, advanced digital FabLab. Three projects in total financed with about 60 million Euro.

four persons dressed in yellow and blue working clothes standing in grey concrete production hall

Starting production and deliveries of rare earths based on raw materials sourced from Yara's complete fertilizer factory at Herøya. From left: Sigve Sporstøl, REEtec, Mohan Menon and Vibeke Rasmussen, bothe Yara Technology Center and Toril Roberg, REEtec

Circular economy and Digital FabLab

In SecREEtec project, rare earth metals are extracted from Yara's fertilizer production and become a new raw material into a new European value chain. REEtec and Yara's demo plant is now in production at  Herøya. In the second project, DIY4U, the local company Cody has built an advanced digital FabLab for innovators at Herøya.

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5G, IoT

Another of the EU's flagship project "5G Solutions" also uses Herøya as a test area. In collaboration with Yara, Telenor has established 5G in the industrial park, and together with NTNU, the three Norwegian partners will provide input to realize Europe's 5G vision.

 Yara conducts a series of tests of 5G networks and equipment, which involves users out in the field in the industrial park.

Three men in working clothes and white helmets in a streeet in the industrial park

Test team Herøya: Yara Porsgrunn's test team will carry out a large number of tests on the use of 5G networks for logistics and loading operations in Herøya Industrial Park over the next couple of years. Left: Håkon Wærstad, Technical Manager, Arve Haavik, IT Security Expert and Stig Myrland, Head of Process Data, Yara. Photo: Ole Bjørn Ulsnæs

…and autonomous transport systems

Herøya Industripark AS, Yara, Applied Autonomy, City & Lab and Vy carried out a test run of a self-driving bus without a host on board Herøya in 2020. The industrial park is a test area in City & Lab for developing autonomous vehicles.

The Prime Minister and colleagues received a diploma for being passengers in Norway's and Northern Europe's first test drive in Herøya Industrial Park. 

three ministers outside an autonomous bus

From left: Kjell Ingolf Ropstad, Minister of Children, Family and Church Affairs and leader of the Christian Democratic Party, Erna Solberg, Prime Minister, and Guri Melby, Minister of Education and leader of the Liberal Party. All received a diploma after the test drive.

– The companies in the industrial park have great ambitions when it comes to automation and autonomous solutions. This project gives us valuable experience that we will take on to other projects in the work of making Herøya an autonomous industrial park, says Sverre Gotaas.   

Add new knowledge

Gotaas believes that the industrial park environment at Herøya can contribute to facilitating collaboration that adds new knowledge to society.

- That is why we are committed to contributing to the green shift through development. We are active all the way to finding out more about the needs, challenging ourselves and the industry to come up with the best solutions industry and society need in the future. No one else is closer in this country to help realize the industry of the future than what we do here at Herøya, says Gotaas.

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EU's slogan suites Herøya's ambitions well

kun tekst The European Dream. Let's make it real.

The EU's Green Deal is a European climate pact on a joint effort to make the EU climate neutral by 2050. The EU is investing heavily in realizing green change. The European Commission proposes a recovery fund of 750 billion Euros, Next Generation EU, at the same time as a revised long-term budget for 2021-2017 (MFF) of almost 1100 billion Euros. Altogether the largest stimulus package funded through the EU ever.

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