Porsgrunn brann- og feiervesen

Porsgrunn brann- og feiervesen (fire brigade and chimney-sweeping service) has three fire stations: the main station, established at Herøya Industripark in 1999, and subsidiary stations at Brevik and Sandøya.

The main station is housed and integrated along with Vakt Service Industriberedskap AS, owned by Grenland Industriutvikling (Hydro), Yara and Nokas.

Porsgrunn brann- og feiervesen has 46 full-time employees, 32 part-time employees and 2 trainees, divided between the preventive department (including chimney sweeping), the emergency department and the mercantile department.

The objectives of the fire service are to save humans, animals and assets from fire and to limit consequential damage in case of fire and other acute emergencies.


Tel.: +47 35 54 70 00
Email: brannvesenet@porsgrunn.kommune.no

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